The Best Ways to Get Your Brand in Front of a New Audience

February 29, 2016

Brand MarketingGrowing pains are inevitable as a small business, and sometimes they demand a little something extra. There is always that point in the growth of a business when marketing becomes an immediate need. If you’re looking for a way to get your brand in front of a wider audience, there is no better platform than digital marketing.

The truth is, your customers are now in constant contact, and the potential for reaching them is only increasing when you use methods like social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and blogging. These are not only the most convenient means to reach your audience, but they are also typically more affordable than traditional means of print marketing and paid advertising. Now is your chance to learn more about them!


Most businesses without a digital marketing strategy or partner have high aspirations of blogging regularly, but quickly find that the task of running their company is enough for them to do. Blogging is quick to become the thing that gets cast aside, which is why hiring someone to keep your blog up to date can be incredibly helpful. Further, a marketing partner can also make the most of your blog by using SEO practices. This means that your blogs will be embedded with search friendly keywords. Not only will people looking for your business be able to see your blog but when your destination is being googled, your business will be a source of information for travelers. This will prop you up as knowledgeable and helpful among your competitors, establishing yourself as the local expert.

Social Media

Once you have a regular stream of new content, it can be incredibly powerful to promote your blogs on social media so they reach a wider audience. Social media can also help you stay top of mind for your customers, as your posts will be regularly showing up on their news feeds. You are giving them a constant reminder of all the great things that you have to offer them at your destination and accommodation. Appealing pictures and informational posts regarding what’s new in your area are great ways to reach them. Ultimately you are hoping to draw them back to your website for possible bookings. Lead generation tools like a vacation guide are also a great thing to post on Facebook.


Search Engine Optimization is an intimidating term to most people, but really it’s just a fancy way of saying “Google-friendly.” There are certain Google algorithms – even if we understood every aspect of them it would be far too complex to get into here – that determine Google search results. These algorithms favor certain keywords, which are determined by how often the terms are searched. So a website that has good SEO is one that frequently uses popular keywords throughout its content. Once you have figured out which keywords to use you can develop a strategy around them to promote your business and reach target customers. While it seems complicated, Q4Launch is experienced in delivering effective SEO strategies so that more people will find you online.

If you’re not a computer savvy person, finding the right marketing partner is your next step in getting your brand in front of more people. Let’s be honest, even if you were techy, you don’t have time for that. Give Q4Launch a call for a free marketing consultation!