The Ultimate Guide to Successful Specials & Packages

December 5, 2019

Are Specials & Packages Worth It? 

More often than not, you will find that promoting specials and offering packages will not only increase revenue, fill in the gaps in your availability, and encourage guests to spend more, but it will also attribute a positive connotation to your brand name. Who doesn’t love a good deal? Guests will be more inclined to enjoy their stay when they feel as though you’re catering to their needs, budget, and overall experience! 

Read on to learn more about which specials and packages are right for your business and how to implement successful campaigns that will contribute to ROI and brand awareness. For additional help with growing your online presence, take advantage of one of our digital marketing tools, such as the Hospitality SEO Marketing Grader

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5 Reasons to Consider Running a Special or Offering Packages

  1. To See a Return on Investment 
  2. To Encourage Midweek Stays
  3. To Fill in the Gaps During the Slow Season 
  4. To Make Guests Feel Valued 
  5. To Grow Your Brand Identity

How to Implement Effective Specials & Packages 

  • Know Your Audience 
  • Create a Sense of Urgency 
  • Reward Loyalty 
  • Showcase Something Unique About Your Brand 
  • Offer an Unbeatable Deal or Experience 
  • Get Creative 

Examples of Specials and Packages 

Depending on whether you run a vacation rental company, bed and breakfast, or boutique hotel, selecting the right type of specials and packages for your business is critical. Consider some of the following examples to get some ideas on what might work for your property or business! 

    • Girlfriend Getaway Packages: Include special rates for spa services, dining vouchers, wine, makeovers, etc. 
    • Romance Packages: Include special rates for additional services such as dinner reservations, champagne, flowers, etc. 
      • You can even go so far as to narrow in on anniversaries, honeymoons, etc. 
  • Holiday Packages: Go above and beyond for the holidays and include something special for booking a stay for Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc. 
  • Seasonal Specials and Packages: If your bookings tend to slow down during a specific time of year, consider running a special that will entice travelers to visit! 
  • Destination Specific Packages: Think about what the most popular activities, attractions, and experiences are in your destination and how you can bundle that up in a neat little presentation or package for your guests! 
    • The Orchard Inn offers a North Carolina Adventure Package which includes: a two-night stay in a cottage, a choice of ziplining, waterfall rappelling, or kayaking in addition to a bottle of wine or a pack of local beer, and a picnic! 
  • Book Direct Specials: Give your guests incentive to book direct rather than booking through third-party resource

Let Our Marketing Experts Steer You in the Right Direction and Advise You on the Best Specials & Packages for Your Business

business strategy planningWhile you’re busy on the frontlines — managing the property, entertaining guests, preparing gourmet breakfasts — it can be challenging to find time to worry about things such as which specials and packages to consider running. Our dedicated team of marketing professionals go above and beyond to take care of everything from your business’ website, social media presence, SEO value, blogging, PPC, and more! Learn more about our services and which of our packages is right for you! 

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