Top 5 Pages That Every Innkeeper Needs on Their Website

November 18, 2019

Before any guest steps through your door, they will most likely visit your website. That’s why it’s important to provide the same level of customer service online as you do in person. By ensuring that you have these five static pages on your website, you can provide the same great experience to guests online as you do at the Inn! 

Top 5 Pages That Every Innkeeper Needs on Their Website 

1. Homepage


It’s obvious that your website needs a homepage, but many websites fail to provide a good homepage. Your homepage is the first thing that the majority of people see when they visit your website, so you want to give a good first impression.

According to Crazy Egg, a good homepage helps your audience get to know your business, improves user experience, leads to conversions, and improves brand awareness.


Example: Treehouse Lodge


hotel homepage with rooms, specials, area information, and a vacation guide


2. All Rooms

Many inns have multiple types of lodging options on the property. For example, you may offer both rooms and suites. Similarly, you might have rooms in the main house and rooms in the carriage house. It can be beneficial to have a page for each type of lodging option, but it’s important to also have one page that contains all accommodation options. 

Some guests may not know the difference between the main house and the carriage house or may not know which room they prefer until viewing all of them. Having one “all rooms” page gives potential guests the chance to explore all of their options.


Example: Inn at Huntingfield Creek


This Accommodations Page is well-organized and helpful to the customer. It includes a passage describing the types of accommodations the inn offers, as well as pictures and a link to each individual accommodation.


All Accommodations Page

3. Amenities

An amenities page is your chance to show off what makes your Inn or B&B so special. Be sure to include the basics (linens, towels, coffee, etc.) as well as the “extras”. If you offer the best breakfast in town or famous cookies in the afternoon, your amenities page is the place to let everyone know! 


Example: The Ashbrooke Hotel


This Amenities Page is very aesthetically pleasing, as well as informative. It includes onsite amenities, as well as extra amenities that come with each guest room. Plus, it includes clear and colorful images.


Amenities Page

4. Contact Us

No matter how many details you include on your website, people will always have questions. Make it easy for potential guests to find answers! 

Ideally, your contact page should include an email address or phone number and a contact form for guests to fill out.


Example: Cypress Creek Cottages


This Contact Page is straightforward and easy to navigate. It provides the basic contact information that a customer might need (phone number, address, directions) as well as a contact form so they can ask the inn any questions they might have. 


Contact Us Page with phone number, fax, address, and contact form

5. Things to Do / Area Attractions 

Chances are, your guests will want to spend at least one day of their trip exploring the area. Having a page dedicated to nearby activities and attractions will give potential guests more reasons to visit and will help them plan their dream vacation. 

If you partner with local business or offer specials or packages related to area attractions, be sure to make that clear on your website. Little incentives can go a long way when planning a trip! 


Example: Paramount Destinations


Things to Do page: Corolla Eats

How Do You Know If Your Website Is Up to Par? 

The best way to know if your website performs well is to see how your audience reacts to it! There are so many free tools available that can help you look at your website data. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two great places to start. 

If you want to take a closer look at your website performance but don’t know where to begin, feel free to sign up for our Free Google Analytics Analysis! Our team of experts will review your website and then schedule a 30-minute call with you to review everything in the report.