10 Tips for Increasing Your Search Performance on Google

October 28, 2020

Do you have a beautiful website that doesn’t get the traffic it deserves? You might be dealing with an SEO issue. Your Google ranking is a result of several factors. Below, you’ll find 10 tips for increasing your search performance. Our team of digital marketing experts wants to help your small business succeed in the rankings. That’s why we want to create a Hospitality SEO Report for your B&B, boutique hotel, or vacation rental company. Request your personalized report, and we will dive into your SEO efforts so that we can show you where to make improvements. 

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Follow These 10 Tips to Increase Your Search Performance 

1. Solve Any Crawl Errors or Indexing Problems 

Make sure your website doesn’t have any crawl errors or indexing problems. An easy way to check for this is to run the site through a tool, such as Screaming Frog. This will screen the website for youtell you the number of pages you’re ranking for, and alert you if you have any blocked pages. 

2. Put Your Target Keyword in These Four Places 

Once you’ve decided on the most important element of a page, target that keyword to help it rank higher in a Google search.  

To do this, you need to make sure your keyword is in these four places: 

  • Title Tag (This is a must!) 
  • H1 Tag (Less important, but do it if you can) 
  • Meta Description
  • Within the first 100 words of page content

3. Make Sure Your Marketing Content Provides the Best Answer to a Problem or Inquiry 

Believe it or not, Google has a good understanding of search intent. It knows not just what people are searching for, but why they’re searching for it. So, make sure you have the best answer to someone’s inquiry. 

One of the ways Google can tell if your answer is valuable to the searcher is if your copy includes LSIs, or latent semantic indexing keywords. These are keywords that relate to your topic and are usually searched for with your topic. You can find these related words at the bottom of the search results or use a tool such as SEMRush. 

4. Write Enough Great Content on the Page 

Sometimes pages with too little content struggle to do well in the rankings. So, check the quality and depth of your words. Are you creating highquality content that solves an issue for someone? 

Have you ever wondered why the internet is called “the web”? It has to do with the fact that everything is linked together. We recommend including around five internal and five external links in your copy.   

5. Keep Up with Google Algorithm Updates 

So, you’re including everything that you need to be successful in rankings but still not meeting your expectations. If you’re wondering why that is, it may be because of a recent algorithm change. If a major update happens to the algorithm, it can severely impact search results. Keep an eye out for those changes so that you can make sure your website is coinciding with them. 

6. Don’t Let Your Competitors Outshine You! 

See who’s ranking ahead of you and find out why they are. Here are some questions you should ask while scoping out their work: 

  • Is there content longer or more comprehensive? 
  • Is it easier to read and understand? 
  • Does it have more engaging visuals like graphics or videos? 
  • Does it provide a better answer or more information?

7. Don’t Keep Dead Content on Your Website 

Do you have thin, outdated content sucking the life out of your website? Outdated content can dilute the quality of your website, so get rid of it. Keep your content fresh and evergreen by consistently monitoring and updating your work. 

8. Fix Your Overall Web Presence 

There’s a lot that goes into your overall web presence. This includes spammy backlinks, the internal linking system, your Google reviews, and Google My Business page.  

Here’s how to fix your overall web presence: 

  • Make sure you’re getting 5-star reviews on Google 
  • Get rid of spammy backlinks 
  • Link internally and externally 
  • Get Google My Business and keep it updated

9. Freshen Up Your Content 

When was the last time you updated the content on your homepage? Google looks for the best results, so make sure yours is fresh and updated. 

10. Don’t Violate Google’s Guidelines 

This is a given, but if you’ve had bad SEO work done on your site in the past, your website may be flagged. Check Google Search Console to see the status of your website. 

Ready to Reach the Top? 

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