Tips for Increasing Gift Card Sales This Holiday Season

October 28, 2020

It’s the holiday season at your property. The decorations are on display, the smell of fresh-baked treats fills the air, and you’re waiting for guests to arrive. This time of the year is delightful, but we know what could take your holiday season (and business!) to the next level. It’s the perfect time to push gift card sales! Want to know how to make a credit to your property the hottest gift of the year? Check out these four tips for increasing gift card sales this holiday season.

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4 Tips for Increasing Gift Card Sales This Holiday Season 

1. Create a Landing Page 

The No.1 thing to keep in mind when it comes to increasing gift card sales is to make them easily accessible on the homepage of your website. This may seem like a no-brainer, but a user isn’t going to spend a lot of time scouring your website to purchase a gift card 

In today’s world, nearly everything is instantaneous, and having your gift cards front-and-center on your website is especially important during the holiday season. We suggest creating a dedicated landing page for gift cards, then creating a popup to run throughout the season.  

2. Run Holiday Season Sales 

Offering cashback on a gift card to your property is another great way to increase gift card sales. Incentivizing a prospective buyer often means they will spend, and in larger amounts! For example, offer a $50 gift card credit on any $200 sale, $75 gift card credit on a $300 sale, and so on. We recommend adding a sense of urgency to these offers by only making them available over Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or another two- to three-day period of time. This makes everyone’s holiday season a little bit brighter!  

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3. Up Your Social Media Presence 

Where do you communicate with your past guests the most? Many of our clients use Facebook to keep in touch with previous guests. This makes Facebook especially great for holiday season marketing and promoting gift card sales. Not only have these people spent money with your business before, but they may want to share the experience of a stay at your property by purchasing a gift card for a friend or family member.  

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At Q4Launch, we understand what it takes to increase bookings and cash flow during the holiday season. That’s why we created Q4Flash! These campaigns include a dedicated landing page, social media campaignemail marketing, and more, all created and implemented by our team of marketing gurus.  

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