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When Lisa and Ron purchased the Addison in December of 2017, they worked with several different companies for their marketing however they quickly found that details were falling through the cracks. This challenge brought Lisa and Ron to Q4Launch’s webinars and eventually to becoming a Q4Launch customer. Lisa said, “having one point of contact knowing our business and making recommendations, as far as what marketing avenues we should utilize were extremely valuable.” Then when it came to those recommendations, Lisa said, “we did not backpedal on any of our marketing dollars during 2020 and Q4 was able to monitor national trends based on what they were seeing in the industry and making insightful recommendations.” These recommendations are just one example of how our teams work together to talk through what is happening in different markets and how as a team we can leverage that information for our customers.

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The Addison on Amelia Island Website

Traffic Increases January 1, 2019 - September 1, 2019 vs. January 1, 2021 - September 1, 2021

• Booking Revenue has increased by 109%
• Traffic from Facebook has increased by nearly 276%

• Booking Revenue for January through July 2021 has already surpassed the full-year booking revenue total of 2019

• Overall web traffic increased by more than 85%

• New Users driven to the site by blog content increased by more than 4,400%

• Traffic to blog posts increased by nearly 2,900%


Thanks to our innovative hospitality marketing services, The Addison is also outranking a couple of their local competitors for the keyword  “Amelia Island Bed And Breakfast” This keyword averages around 1,000 monthly searches and has 19 million results showing in Google.

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With the success of The Addison, Lisa believes that other inns and B&Bs can benefit from our integrated destination marketing program. She says:

“Having the experts on your side and managing, social media, for example, gives me the ability to focus on other things that only I can do such as developing relationships with other small businesses here in Fernandina. For example, looking at our packages and if there are opportunities to create new packages? I was approached by a young lady who is a school teacher. During COVID, she came up with the idea of doing luxury picnics on the beach. Now with that partnership, we are able to offer this seamless experience on the beach to our guests. Partnering with Q4Launch gives me the ability to turn my attention to what are those packages or things that we want to do That are unique to The Addison.”

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