Our Integrated Marketing Process

We assure you that making the switch to Q4Launch will not only yield results, but will be easy and pain free. OUR APPROACH TO WEB DESIGN AND MARKETING STRATEGY TAKES YOUR B&B, HOTEL OR VACATION RENTAL BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL.
Here’s how we do it:


You’ll be live in 30 days. We’ll have your brand new website and Integrated Marketing ready to launch. Need some more good news? We carry the ball while you can relax and do the parts of the job you enjoy the most!


During that 30 days, we develop a complete boutique hotel, vacation rental or bed and breakfast marketing strategy for your business – ranging from email campaigns to blog topics – that will immediately start driving more traffic to show off your new website. And because consistency is the key, we’ll continue to have quarterly strategy meetings so you always know exactly what we’re working on!

Integrated Approach

Simply put, we do it all! After years of testing, we’ve found that the best driver of revenue growth is the integrated marketing approach. Sure, SEO will help by itself, and so will email marketing. But unless the entire marketing tool box is working together, you’ll always be leaving website traffic (and therefore revenue) on the table.

Reporting & Analytics

Not everyone loves data, but we certainly do! We are analyzing your Google Analytics data constantly to make data-driven decisions. We’re Analytics experts so you don’t have to be! Once we’ve collected all the data, we provide you with a Partnership Impact Review to show you how we’ve performed in each marketing area and tell you what changes need to happen going forward.

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Want more details? Here is our 6-step process to changing your life!

Step 1:

Develop a Successful VACATION RENTAL, B&B OR HOTEL Marketing Strategy

Are you happy with your current results?
  • We do extensive research to know what people are searching for when planning a trip.
  • We track the seasonality of various search terms.
  • From our research, we create blog topics, email campaigns & social media posts.
  • Our quarterly marketing calendar keeps you in the loop at all times.
  • We’ll have your marketing live in 30 days!
strategic piece for hotel marketing strategy

Request Our Marketing Grader

How is your current strategy performing? Request our marketing grader to see how it stacks up.

web design for hotels

Step 2:

Create & Maintain a Website that Generates More Bookings

What are the qualities of a killer website?
  • Professional Appearance
  • Clear Calls to Action
  • Lead Generating Opportunities
  • High-Impact Photography
  • Google Friendly
  • Easy Content Management

21-Point Website Inspection

Is your website working how it should? Request our 21-Point Website Inspection to find out.

Step 3:

Increase Traffic

Our proven methods of bringing new and qualified visitors to your site:

content creation for hotel websitesContent Creation

From research to publication, we take care of the entire process with targeted content that increases organic traffic.

social media for hotelsSocial Media

Stay socially relevant and credible, we manage your social media and increase your fans by 5-10% per month!

email marketing for hotelsEmail Marketing

The emails we send produce unparalleled spikes in traffic that help turn your former guests into your future guests.

search optimization for hotelsSearch Optimization

We perform ongoing SEO to ensure that your site shows up in search results, no matter what Google throws your way.


Is your website currently recieving the amount of traffic you need? Request an audit to find out.

lead conversion

Step 4:

Convert Traffic to Leads

We turn the people who are on your website RIGHT NOW into leads.

We know that not everyone on your website is ready to book today. However, we specialize in taking the casual website visitor and turning them into a qualified lead.

Request a consultation

Do you currently have a lead-generating website? Request a consultation to find out.

Step 5:

Convert Leads into Sales

We use marketing automation to save you time.

lead intelligenceLead Intelligence

Know which pages your leads view & when they return to your site. Lead scores are generated for all leads so you know who to contact first for better results.

Segment leadsSegment Leads

Leads are segmented into lists based on the form they completed or information you collect. This allows you to quickly send targeted messages that mean more.

Lead nurturingLead Nurturing

Various lead nurturing campaigns are developed to further educate “Top of the Funnel” leads down to sales and ease the overall process.

Email marketing for bed and breakfastsEmail Marketing

Email Marketing is used to send timely messages to all the contacts in your system. Email Marketing is a must have business commodity.

CRM integration for hotelsCRM

Integrate a Customer Relationship Management software for an improved sales process and a closed-loop marketing campaign.

Analytics marketing graph

Seaside Vacations Case Study

Read this case study and see how Seaside Vacations saw a 675% return on investment.

Analytics and reporting

Step 6:

Measure Your Success

If it can’t be measured it doesn’t exist!

We are Analytics experts, so you don’t have to be! We deliver a monthly Partnership Impact Review that serves as the executive summary of how your marketing is performing and what we are doing about it.

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“It took us 10 years and 6 marketing agencies to find Q4Launch, but we finally found them! It’s so refreshing to work with a company who brings fresh, creative ideas to the table, has a plan and system to implement, and then chases you down to share the results with actual return on investment. They get the intricacies of our business and know it’s all about generating leads and bookings – we couldn’t be happier!” – Seaside Vacations