Our Core Values Define Our Culture


Here at Q4Launch, our Core Values define our culture. When we developed these 12 principles, we wanted to be sure they weren’t something we created and then set aside. Instead, we constantly encourage our team to live the core values each day, and we recognize them for doing so. Now you can, too.


The Q4Launch Gnome of Excellence

Each month, team members “gnominate” coworkers who exemplify our core values. Our leadership team reviews each entry and selects a deserving recipient. That team member is awarded the coveted Q4Launch Gnome of Excellence, along with a small prize and serious bragging rights.


Why Gnomes?

Just like the Garden Gnomes who protect precious underground treasures, our Q4Launch Gnomes of Excellence protect the precious foundation of our culture and values!


How Can You Get Involved?

As a Q4Launch customer, you likely work with several members of our team. If you believe one of our employees deserves recognition for a job well done, let us know! Fill out the form below and they’ll be in the running to receive the next Q4 Gnome of Excellence!


Q4Launch Core Values

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    Make ideas a realityCelebrate successInvent and simplifyEnhance livesShare knowledgeGet better every dayDo what you say you’ll doCreate funFast is better than slowEmpower team members to delightPlay to win togetherMake data-driven decisions