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Get the Most Out of Your Boutique Hotel Marketing with Q4Launch

As the manager or owner of a boutique hotel, inn or lodge, if you could remove one thing from your To-Do list, what would it be? If marketing is at the top of that list, we can help. Q4Launch has more than 10 years of destination marketing experience at your disposal. That means you can let Q4Launch handle content creation, email marketing, lead generation, SEO, website design and much more! This will maximize your ROI and allow you to get back to the things you love the most about being an innkeeper!

Take a look at all of the services you can enjoy when you partner with Q4Launch, the Destination Marketing Experts:



Our team has a talented staff of SEO experts who work to maximize your website’s online presence and search engine rankings on sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We utilize the best practices by following approved white hat SEO techniques, which meet search engine standards and provide a positive user experience. Our marketing strategy includes key components of SEO optimization such as:

• Body copy and site content
• Meta data
• Technical SEO
• Local factors such as Google My Business
• Citations and backlinking


Content Creation & Blogging

Working closely with our SEO team, our skilled content development team performs in-depth research on a range of useful topics related to your hotel business and the surrounding area. Each week, our writers create articulate blog posts to supply your page with fresh, high-quality content.


Paid Ads/SEM

Pay per click advertising with Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. can be incredibly effective! Unfortunately 70% of all paid advertising budgets are wasted by ineffective ad and budget management. We consistently take over paid advertising campaigns and are able to reduce their cost per click while increasing the quality of their clicks. This results in significantly increased and relatively predictable return on ad spend for our customers!


Social Media

Social media marketing in the hospitality industry is a new but important form of customer service and an excellent way for your business to gain more exposure. Having poor social media exposure can be detrimental to your boutique hotel, but our team utilizes a tactical strategy to increase your social media following and advertise your business to more consumers.

Social media is an ideal avenue to showcase the unique experience of staying at your property and an excellent way to engage with potential customers on their terms. Our team will manage a social media marketing campaign to help build your brand and grow engagement with your target audience.


Email Marketing

Whether you already have an email marketing list or you’re just getting started, our team will implement an email marketing strategy unique to you and your business. Through our customized approach, we work to garner your marketing list and maximize its ability to convert leads. If you haven’t tried email marketing before, Q4Launch will help you generate a targeted list of potential customers to enhance the effectiveness of our other hotel marketing services.


Marketing Automation

Imagine having a member of your team that communicates with potential guests whenever those guests want to learn more about you, your destination, and your rooms? Marketing automation is becoming another important tool in your arsenal to get the right message to the right guest at the right time. Our team applies their background in data science and hospitality to create and update systems to help your team nurture your guests throughout the hotel guest lifecycle from start to finish.


Lead Generation

The basis for our lead generation program is to convert as many anonymous website visitors into real names and email addresses. From this database, you can effectively market to people who may be interested in learning more about your business. We also offer lead customized generation tool such as Vacation Guides written specifically for your property and the surrounding destination.


Revenue Management

No hotel can be successful anymore without some form of revenue management. If you’re not using revenue management tools for your property, you’re leaving money on the table! Our team will review your rates, your competitors, and implement consistent rules. Our system ensures that you will show the right room at the right price to the right guest at the right time.


ROI for Your Boutique and Luxury Hotel Marketing

Accountability and communication are two essential factors to any successful partnership. Every boutique hotel marketing plan that we create has a built-in communication system to ensure that you are always in the loop about your marketing strategy and results. Each month, our customers receive a detailed Partnership Impact Review (PIR) that shares and explains the developments we’ve helped generate—from traffic and engagement to leads and revenue. In addition, we provide quarterly strategy calendars that outline our marketing plan for the upcoming months.

To hear about some of the many accomplishments our customers have had with their digital marketing, click below to read their success stories! If you’re interested in getting more details on our hotel marketing services, feel free to contact us, and we would love to answer all of your questions!

Website Design Pricing

A website developer’s cost isn’t always front and center when you’re doing your research. In our case, though, we have our website design and development cost comparison below for you to see the benefits of our Software as a Service, Future Proof® approach to web design. As if that’s not enough, we aim to get every website that we publish launched in about 30 days. We know you need a new look quickly, and we want to make that desire a reality.

Other Website Options

  • Upfront cost of $15,000+
  • Secure Web & Email Hosting: $50/month
  • Booking Engine: $200+/month
  • Support & Maintenance: $150/hour
  • Technology Updates: Priced a la carte
  • 3-6 Month Build Time
  • Need to Redesign Every 3 Years

Future Proof® Website

  • Setup Fee: $2500, Monthly Fee: $500
  • Secure Web & Email Hosting: Included
  • Integrated Booking Engine Included
  • Support & Maintenance: 1 hour/month included
  • Technology Updates: Included
  • Live in 30 Days
  • New Every 3 Guarentee: Included

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