8 Ways to Increase Revenue With Strategic Content

August 14, 2019

Consumers live online. To find them, you have to know how to navigate the world of digital content. Guiding consumers who are at the top of the sales funnel toward your product isn’t easy, but with our list of 8 ways to increase revenue with strategic content, you’ll be able to build an actionable digital marketing strategy that expands your audience and drives traffic to your website in no time at all! Need some additional guidance? Don’t hesitate to let our team of SEO content professionals do the work for you. Our SEO Marketing Grader will even let you know how your current website is performing from an SEO standpoint! 

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How Strategic Content Can Increase Your Revenue

1. Have a Plan

The benefits of increasing revenue are obvious. Less obvious is knowing how to increase revenue with your strategic content. Having a plan is critical. Create a content calendar based around keywords that you know people are going to be searching for. It takes months for blogs to rank on Google, so plan your strategy well in advance. Check out our blog on SEO copywriting tips if you need help! 

2. Hire a Professional Writer

Not every business owner has the skill or the time to run their blog in an effective way. Hiring a professional content writer guarantees that your content is always well-written, inspiring to readers, and has a robust content strategy running the show beneath the surface. If you’re in need of professionally written content, our team of expert content writers and SEO strategists at Q4Launch is the perfect place to look! 

3. Provide Informative Answers and Solutions 

No one is going to buy your product if you don’t provide useful information with your content. Not only will having great answers to consumer’s questions help you rank on Google, but it will also help establish your brand as an authority in your area of expertise. In the hospitality sector, that might be as simple as providing great area travel tips or a list of your destination’s best restaurants! 

4. Be Consistent

In both brand voice and the timing of your writing, consistency is key. Knowing how often to post on social media will make your strategy that much more effective, and having a consistent voice will help consumers connect with your product. Additionally, if you write three blogs one week and none for the next five, you won’t be writing effective content. Limit your blogs and emails to one a week so you don’t bombard readers with information and so you can make sure your content is accurate and well-written. Consistent content will be reflected in consistent revenue streams. 

5. Use Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords help you narrow your focus and reach a more targeted audience. This gives you a better chance of ranking on Google and finding an audience that cares about your product. What is a long-tail keyword? It’s simply a phrase rather than a single word. For instance, instead of trying to rank for “vacation rentals,” target the long-tail keyword “Outer Banks vacation rentals fenced-in yards.” Narrow your target and increase the effectiveness of your content with long-tail keywords. 

6. Connect to Sales Offers

Always connect your content to your sales initiatives. If your content doesn’t link to a 

room, a package, or a product, you won’t drive traffic to the right place. Three million people might read your blog, but you won’t increase your revenue by a single penny if you don’t have something to offer consumers! 

7. Write at a 10th Grade Level

The average reader reads at a 10th-grade level, so why not write at a 10th-grade level? If you’re using advanced vocabulary, complex sentence structure, or professional jargon, readers will immediately tune out. No one likes to be confused. Writing in a friendly, easy-to-read voice will make the reader feel comfortable and more connected to your product. You can still have fun with your writing and make it interesting, but make sure you’re writing with a general audience in mind. 

8. Call-To-Action

The Call-To-Action, or CTA, is what turns readers into paying customers! If you’re not driving consumers to make a purchase, it doesn’t matter how many people read your blog, email, or social media post. Avoid being too “salesy,” but make sure that the reader has something to point them toward a booking. The CTA should be a short (no more than a few words) tag-line that requires a response from the reader. For example, a simple “Sign Up Now!” button with a link. 

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SEO is Not DeadIf all of this makes sense but you’re just not sure where to go next, don’t worry. Our team at Q4Launch has all of the tools you need to update your content marketing strategy. Reach out to our team today to see how we can help! 

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