3 of the Best SEO Copywriting Tips for Hotels

April 3, 2018

Person researching SEO copywriting tips for hotelsAs a business owner in 2018, you probably know that blogging is extremely important. Adding fresh content to your website drives traffic, and, if done well, turns readers into paying customers. But how exactly do you craft a great blog? Let’s take a look at some SEO copywriting tips and tricks of the trade.

SEO Copywriting Tips to Help You Create a Masterpiece

1. Keywords are Key

Before you start writing, spend five or ten minutes on Google AdWords. You’ll want to find keywords that gain traction in Google searches related to your area or industry. That way, when people are looking for information on a specific keyword, they’ll stumble upon your blog! We also recommend utilizing programs like SEMRush and Moz’s Keyword Explorer.

Keywords help focus and organize your content. Make sure you use them in the right areas, such as your title, headline, and page URL. The body of your blog should include variations and synonyms of the keyword wherever possible.

2. Short and Sweet

When you’re writing about something you love, it’s hard to keep it simple and to the point. Instead of adding “fluff” to make your blog longer, try to craft a piece that’s easy and enjoyable to read. Add page breaks so that your paragraphs aren’t too dense, use concise language, and implement shorter, simpler sentences. This will help readers grasp your content, resulting in more shares and improved ROI.

3. Use “AIDA”

AIDA is a great formula to use for blog writing. The acronym stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Let’s break it down.

  • Attention – Start your blog with something that will pique the reader’s interest, such as a beautiful description, a shocking fact, or a stunning picture. There’s no need to go on too long in this section; just reel them into the blog with something they will thoroughly enjoy.
  • Interest – Now that you have the reader’s attention, tease the purpose of your blog in a compelling way. We suggest a quote or anecdote that is full of wit and charm.
  • Desire – Once a reader is invested in your blog, you have an opportunity to create a heartfelt desire for your service. Convince them that staying at your property will bring about joy and leisure like your blog has. Ideally, they will book a stay; at the very least, they will come back to read the next blog.
  • Action – Once you have told your story and made your offer, don’t forget to give the reader an opportunity to take action. When it’s fresh on their mind, appeal to their sense of spontaneity with a link to your accommodations page, booking engine, or online store.

Need Help Blogging? Call Q4Launch!

Crafting a masterful blog takes time and skill, but your hotel will reap the rewards — especially if you stick to these basic rules. If you find that blogging is taking too much time away from your business, Q4Launch can help. Our experienced, in-house content team curates everything from blogs to emails to social media posts. We’ll create interesting, well-written content for your website that attracts a following and gets ranked by Google.

To learn more, contact us at (843) 475-2962 for a free 30-minute consultation. Or, register for an upcoming webinar! We look forward to hearing from you.