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Vacation Rental Digital Marketing Made Easy with Q4Launch

Your current job as the owner or manager of a vacation rental company requires you to wear a lot of hats. Probably too many. So, why would you add even more to the pile by also trying to manage content creation, social media, email marketing, SEO, SEM, website design, and more? That’s what you do when you try to oversee multiple contractors for vacation rental marketing or when you try to handle everything yourself.

You’ve been the hub. Don’t be the hub! Instead, let Q4Launch handle all these services and more. We can help you maximize ROI and get your life back. Ready to add more properties to your portfolio and get more marketing tips? We can help with homeowner acquisition too!

Take a look at all of the benefits you can enjoy when you partner with Q4Launch, the Destination Marketing Experts:

SEO for Vacation Rental Owners

Organic search is the largest and highest converting source of traffic to our customers’ vacation rental websites. It delivers 40-50% of their traffic and 50-60% of direct bookings. As such, it’s the most important part of your vacation rental digital marketing strategy and It’s the #1 way your business gets found online by both guests and homeowners! Q4Launch takes care of all aspects of vacation rental search engine optimization, including:

  • Body copy and site content
  • Metadata
  • Technical SEO
  • Local factors such as Google My Business
  • Citations and backlinking
  • And, other vacation rental SEO best practices.

Content Creation & Blogging

Every Google update, ever, has rewarded websites that create fresh content on a regular basis. Yet so few marketers can commit to doing it consistently. Not a wordsmith? Not sure what to write about? There’s no need to worry. Q4Launch has a team of creative, talented writers that are dedicated to understanding your brand and promoting your business. From selecting the right keywords based on seasonality and search volume to researching and developing blogs, static pages, and other valuable content to help keep your website fresh, ensuring that it’s found by both search engines and customers in compliance with our proven vacation rental digital marketing strategy.


Paid Ads/SEM

Pay-per-click advertising with Google, Bing, Facebook, etc. can be incredibly effective! Unfortunately, 70% of all paid advertising budgets are wasted by ineffective ad and budget management. We consistently take over paid advertising campaigns and are able to reduce their cost per click while increasing the quality of their clicks, as part of our vacation rental digital marketing strategy. This results in significantly increased and relatively predictable return on ad spend for our customers!

A Proud Google Partner

Do you ever feel lost in the wide world of Google? As a business owner, you may not have time to also become an expert on Google Ads. That’s where Q4Launch can help! As a certified Google Partner, we’ve proven that our ad strategy meets Google’s performance standards and generates a significant ROI for the businesses we work with. Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Let us show you how working with a certified Google Partner can help!


Social Media

It’s no secret that social media plays a pivotal role in vacation rental marketing. Q4Launch’s internet gurus know the ins and outs of Facebook and can build your online following from the ground up. Let us take the reins by showcasing your personality, capturing the right audience, and increasing your engagement online, yet another tool your vacation rental digital marketing playbook to gain brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Our team also has a proven track record of successful email marketing campaigns and it consistently ranks as the marketing medium producing the greatest return on investment (our experience shows 45x ROI in many cases!). We’ll work with you to leverage this powerful marketing channel and increase your bookings. Best of all, we can manage your existing email list and help you maintain relationships with past customers. It’s also a critical way to stay in touch with homeowners and keep them abreast of your vacation rental digital marketing activity.

Marketing Automation

Imagine having a member of your team that communicates with potential guests whenever those guests want to learn more about you, your location, and your vacation rentals? Marketing automation is becoming another important tool in your arsenal to get the right message to the right guest at the right time. Our team applies their background in data science and hospitality to create and update systems to help your team nurture your guests throughout the guest lifecycle from start to finish.

Lead Generation

Of course, constructing a sustainable marketing program depends on consistent lead generation. Our lead gen tools help turn anonymous website traffic into names and email addresses that we can continue to nurture. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our blog about effective lead generation strategies.


Revenue Management

No business in the vacation rental industry can be successful anymore without some form of revenue management. If you’re not using revenue management tools at your vacation rental company, you’re leaving money on the table! Our team will review your rates, your competitors, and implement consistent rules. Our system ensures that you will show the right vacation rental at the right price to the right guest at the right time.


ROI for Your Vaction Rental Marketing

At Q4Launch, we know that good vacation rental marketing is accountable marketing. That’s why all of our customers receive a monthly Partnership Impact Report that shares the results we’ve helped generate all the way down to the bottom line. From traffic to leads to revenue, you’ll be able to see it all. We also present a quarterly strategy calendar that lays out our entire plan for the upcoming quarter.

Are you ready to take the vacation rental industry by storm? We can help! Don’t take our word for it, though — read through some of our customer success stories to get a feel for what it’s like to work with our team.

Website Design Pricing

A website developer’s cost isn’t always front and center when you’re doing your research. In our case, though, we have our website design and development cost comparison below for you to see the benefits of our Software as a Service, Future Proof® approach to web design. As if that’s not enough, we aim to get every website that we publish launched in about 30 days. We know you need a new look quickly, and we want to make that desire a reality.

Other Website Options

  • Upfront cost of $15,000+
  • Secure Web Hosting: $50/month
  • Booking Engine: $200+/month
  • Support & Maintenance: $150/hour
  • Technology Updates: Priced a la carte
  • 3-6 Month Build Time

Future Proof® Website

  • Setup Fee: $5000, Monthly Fee: $500
  • Secure Web Hosting: Included
  • Integrated Booking Engine Included
  • Support & Maintenance: 1 hour/month included
  • Technology Updates: Included
  • Live in 45 Days

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