How to Promote Social Distancing and Cleanliness Through Marketing

July 15, 2020

Couple eating ice cream and social distancingMarketing during COVID-19 can feel like walking a tightrope. Do you mention the pandemic in your advertising efforts or keep your timelines COVID-free? Leaning too far in either direction can send your audience the wrong message. Done correctly, however, keeping your marketing channels active can be a great way to stay relevant and even make your community a safer place. If you want to learn more about how to promote social distancing and cleanliness through marketing, continue reading below! If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of digital marketing professionals! 

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Promote Social Distancing and Cleanliness Through Marketing

Making all of your marketing efforts COVID-centered isn’t a good idea, but it is important to keep your audience informed and demonstrate the steps you’re taking to keep your customers safe. Here are a few ways to reach your audience when it matters most. 

How to Share Your Message


Email marketing has and always will be one of the greatest investments a marketer can make. Since it’s such an effective way to instantly reach large groups of past customers and potential prospects, email campaigns are a great way to share information with your audience at the click of a button. It also puts that information in a place where (if you’ve got a great team of content writers that can put together a snappy subject line) you know it’ll get seen. 

Social Media

Why should you take the time to craft the perfect social media post? Because social media is one of the most accessible marketing channels at your disposal. Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn are as close as you can get to interpersonal communication in the marketing world. As a result, they’re great vehicles for building trust with your audience and remain top-of-mind. The result? Even if a traveler isn’t a current customer, they’ll remember you when things start to return to normal and they’re ready to plan a trip again. 

Website Pop-Ups and Dedicated Pages

If you have relevant information about your area or your business that you want to share with your customers, creating a dedicated landing page on your website is the perfect way to keep people informed. You can even add a pop-up to your homepage to direct site visitors toward important information. If you’re not sure how to make edits to your website, Q4Launch’s team of expert developers, designers, and digital marketing specialists can take care of it for you! 

What to Say?

Navigating the arena of digital marketing, even when not dealing with a pandemic, is always a challenge. If you’re scared of saying the wrong thing, staying silent may feel like the best option. Speak up! This isn’t to say you should shamelessly self-promote with casual indifference to the issue at hand. People around the globe are suffering, but using your platform for good can make a big difference. Of course, if you have critical updates regarding reopening and sanitation practices, making your audience aware of the steps you’re taking to ensure their safety is always important. But, in addition to your regular marketing efforts, sharing information about nationwide social distancing efforts is always a great use of your marketing channels. It could even save lives! 

How to Market During COVID-19 the Right Way

Just because the world is on hold, it doesn’t mean your marketing should cease as well. If you’re not sure which direction to take your marketing efforts in the age of COVID, we have the tools you need to set your business up for success. Whether you’re looking to use this downtime to update your entire website or you simply want to find out why your traffic has taken a dive, request a free Google Analytics Analysis and take your first step toward a marketing strategy that is guaranteed to reach larger audiences and generate ROI in no time at all! 

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