How to Be a Successful Hotel Sales Manager

July 31, 2018

As a general manager, you know that an effective sales manager is vital in increasing the profitability of your hotel. An effective sales manager accomplishes several things, including maximizing revenue during peak season and generating revenue in low demand periods. If you’ve ever wondered what the secrets of a successful sales manager are, you aren’t alone. Read on to discover five traits that the most successful hotel sales managers exhibit.

5 Traits of Highly Successful Hotel Sales Managers

1. Listen Up

The number one strategy of an effective sales manager is listening. Based on what you hear, you should then ask questions. Just because one pitch worked for a particular client doesn’t mean that it will work for your next. Although this seems basic, you would be surprised by how many sales professionals can’t or don’t do this! Every potential client's situation is unique and should be treated as so. Know every feature of your hotel and cater your answers to what you hear.

2. Resilience

If you’re going to be successful at sales, resilience is key! You won’t win them all, but you must stay positive and rebound from disappointments quickly. Your success is directly related to the speed at which you recover. Don’t let a lost deal or missed goal get in the way of what you ultimately want to achieve.

3. Persistence

Persistence is another important habit of an effective sales manager. Remember that clients rarely call back after the first or second call. Many sales people stop trying too quickly! It is crucial that you try various methods to get through to a client. If you are handling multiple leads, setting reminders for yourself is a great way to stay organized.

a hotel sales manager following up on a sales lead via phone.

4. Creativity

If you want a client to remember you, creativity is key. Put a personal touch on your correspondence, proposals, and site visits. Let your clients know that you did your homework, listened to them, and that you are different from other sales managers. Treating each client as an individual will set you apart from the competition.

5. Know Your Hotel & Your Competition

A savvy sales manager should be armed with the knowledge of what their hotel offers as well as what the competition offers. What are your hotel's strengths? Which areas can improve? One of the most strategic ways to compare yourself to the competition is with a site visit to a competing hotel. This is especially important for new sales managers and can be helpful when a competitor has had major renovations.

Optimize Your Hotel’s Online Presence

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