Use a Homeowner Protection Program to grow your business

February 27, 2023

As a professional Property Manager, your homeowners are entrusting you with one of their most valuable assets. By providing a proven solution to handle the risks that come from vacation rental management, you’re earning their trust and delivering peace of mind to your owners.  

What does the Homeowner Protection Program powered by Rental Guardian do for my owners? 

The Homeowner Protection Program powered by Rental Guardian and sold by InsureStays, a licensed insurance producer, provides extended protection to property owners that extends past traditional property insurance coverage. This program responds to four types of damage and liability exposures that threatens rental property owners: 

  1. Contents Damage Protection – Protects against damages to the contents of the rental property: broken TV, damaged furniture, broken appliance, and wine stains to carpet floors would be just a few examples.  
  2. Real Property Protection – Protects against major damage to the rental home property like a kitchen fire, bathroom flood or complete loss of the property arising from the rental stay. 
  3. Homeowner Liability Protection – Protects the property manager and the Owner against bodily injury lawsuits filed by the guest or their party for injuries that occur during the rental stay. 
  4. Bed Bug Protection – Protects against loss of income, as well as extermination, remediation, decontamination & rehabilitation of property.

How can you use the Homeowner Protection Program powered by Rental Guardian to grow your business? 

Two things that you can focus on when growing your business and expanding your portfolio is premier customer service and setting yourself apart from the competition. 

Offering excellent customer service is paramount in the hospitality industry. Providing excellent customer service is key to retaining clients and attracting new ones. This includes responding promptly to inquiries and requests, being available to address any issues that may arise during a guest’s stay, and going above and beyond to make sure guests and owners alike have a great experience. 

Diversify your offerings. Diversifying your offerings can also help you stand out from your competition and attract more clients. This can include offering innovative services to your owners that protect their investments, increase their income, and leave them with peace of mind. This is where the Homeowner Protection Program comes in – this program was designed to protect property owners and provide them with exceptional service.  

  • When speaking to potential new homeowners, be sure to include the protection benefits they will receive from the Homeowner Protection Program powered by Rental Guardian.
  • This program will set you apart from your competitors because of the comprehensive benefits the Homeowner Protection Program provides.   
  • Rental Guardian will provide you with a custom Homeowner marketing brochure to include with your presentations.   
  • If your homeowners have deeper coverage questions, Rental Guardian partners with InsureStays, a 50 state licensed insurance agency, who can assist in answering these questions.

How do I start offering this Homeowner Protection Program to my owners? 

  • The Homeowner Protection Program is already integrated with some of the most popular Property Management Systems like Streamline, LiveRez, & VRM software systems.    
  • To activate the Homeowner Protection Program, it takes less than 10 minutes to complete the online activation form.    
  • The Rental Guardian team will activate the program and send the API key over to your software provider to allow a connection to your system and properties.   
  • Your dedicated Rental Guardian Account Manager will schedule a brief training session for your team on how to use the Rental Guardian platform to file claims with InsureStay at
  • Simply add the fee for the program to your bookings, and you’re all set! 

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