How to Market Staycations This Holiday Season

October 27, 2020

Now, more than ever, travelers are opting for staycations instead of interstate or international travel. Due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, interstate travel is uncomfortable for some, and international travel is impossible for many. Ironically, this is the time when we all need a vacation the mostThose with an itch to get away have a single option: redefine the “vacation” by taking a trip that’s close to home, otherwise known as a staycation. As a property owner, you may be wondering how to attract this demographic of traveler to your hotel, bed and breakfast, inn, or rental homes for the holidaysRead on for five tips about how to market staycations this holiday season.

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Top 5 Tips for Marketing Staycations This Holiday Season 

According to recent figureswe should expect a travel boom this holiday season. With individual state’s ever-evolving travel restrictions, most of these will be last-minute bookings. Below are five tips to help you market your property to staycation-ers.

1. Share COVID-19 Protocols 

Staying healthy is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. You can rest assured that you’re free and clear of germs in your home, but what about at a hotel, rental home, or bed and breakfast? Now, more than ever, travelers want transparency with their lodging providers.  

That’s why we recommend posting your COVID-19 protocols clearly on the homepage of your website. From contactless check-in to breakfast delivery service, every detail matters. Having protocols in place that make your guests feel as safe as they do at home increases the chance that they’ll book with you!

2. Promote Weekday Rates 

There’s never been a deal-sealer quite like saving money. After all, vacation can be costly, and travelers are always looking for ways to save — especially in today’s economic climate and with the holiday season coming upMarketing lower weekday rates is a great way to attract staycations because local guests also have more flexibility to visit during the week.

3. Offer Incentives for Guests

In addition to weekday rates, there are other incentives/added value items that can make your property more appealing. For bed and breakfasts, this looks like specials and packages that offer savings or experiences. Hotels, inns, and lodges can consider a loyalty program that saves guests money on their next visit. For vacation rental companies, amp up the importance of booking direct. Booking direct can save your guests anywhere from nine to 15 percent in hidden fees! 

4. Up Your Amenities Game

Most staycations take place during the week or over a long weekend, which means your guests might have to work remotely during their visit. It’s important to market the amenities your property offers. For example, free wireless Internet is a no-brainer! We also recommend enhancing the amenities you already offer to be even more convenient for guests, such as complimentary breakfast delivery.

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