How a Homeowner Protection Program can protect your property owners 

March 3, 2023

As a property manager, offering a Homeowner Protection Program can provide valuable peace of mind for your property owners and you as the property manager. This type of program can offer a range of benefits, including coverage for damages to the property, liability protection, and assistance with maintenance and repairs.

Here are some key reasons why property managers should consider offering a Homeowner Protection Program to their clients: 

    1. Property Contents Damage Coverage: Accidents can happen, and property owners will be responsible for damages that take place in or to their rental property. A Homeowner Protection Program can provide coverage for accidental damages as small as broken décor or furniture, helping to protect property owners from financial loss.
    2. Liability protection: Rental properties can be liable for bodily injuries or accidents that occur on the property. A Homeowner Protection Program can provide liability coverage, helping to protect property owners from legal and financial consequences resulting in bodily injury lawsuits.
    3. Real property protection: Catastrophic damages to a rental property can result in a devastating loss, and be extremely time-consuming, and costly for property owners. A Homeowner Protection Program can protect owners against major damage to the rental home property like a kitchen fire, bathroom flood, or complete loss of the property arising from the rental stay. Programs like these help lower the burden on property owners and ensure that their properties are well taken care of. 
    4. Bed bug protection: Sometimes a rental property has uninvited tenants that can create huge losses in revenue and cost owners and property managers thousands of dollars. Homeowner Protection Programs can protect both owners and property managers against loss of income, as well as extermination, remediation, decontamination & rehabilitation of the property. If you have ever experienced the nightmare that ensues due to bed bugs, you know you never want to encounter another one again. Ensure your properties and owners are protected against these inevitable nuisances in the future.  
    5. Peace of mind: For property owners, knowing that their investment is protected can provide peace of mind and allow them to focus on other aspects of their business. A Homeowner Protection Program will help property owners feel confident in their property management decisions and secure in the knowledge that their properties are protected.

Overall, a Homeowner Protection Program can be a valuable addition to the services offered by property managers. It can provide a range of benefits for property owners, helping to protect their investments and reduce the risk of financial loss. As a property manager, offering this type of program can help to differentiate your business and provide an extra level of service to your clients and homeowners. 

What is a Homeowner Protection Program?

The Homeowner Protection Program powered by RentalGuardian and sold by InsureStays, a licensed insurance producer, provides an industry-leading $1 million in protection for damages to a rental home & personal injury lawsuits, as well as $25,000 in contents & $15,000 in bed bug protection. 

This coverage allows property owners to rest easy because the Homeowner Protection Program powered by Rental Guardian, covers all types of risk and exposures that arise from vacation rental activities. Some of these covered activities are not traditionally covered by typical homeowners’ insurance policies. The Homeowner Protection Program powered by Rental Guardian adds an increased amount of vital protection against many types of damages that occur during the stay, ranging from as small as a broken lamp (contents protection up to $25,000) to a catastrophic kitchen fire (protecting your home up to $1 million in real property damages). The program also includes protection against bodily injury lawsuits that may come from travelers staying at the rental property ($1 million in protection) and adds bed bug remediation ($15,000 including lost rental income).

Where can I find more information?

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