How Biloxi Found Success With Q4Launch

August 13, 2021

Their Story:

After working with a marketing contractor for several years, the team at Biloxi Beach Resort Rentals went in search of a one-stop solution for all their marketing needs. What drew the Biloxi team to Q4Launch is our track record of delivering revenue-driven results for vacation rentals, as well as our domain expertise and commitment to the industry. Since becoming a Q4Launch customer, Biloxi has seen online bookings skyrocket, allowing them to focus more on answering guest inquiries and improving the guest experience.

As Biloxi’s e-commerce took off, it became clear that they needed more properties to meet the demand. To accomplish this, Q4Launch developed a marketing strategy targeting homeowners looking to rent out their properties. Jacqueline, the owner of Biloxi Beach Resort Rentals, said Q4Launch’s Homeowner Acquisition Program includes revenue-generating and experiential elements she never would have considered before.

What They Say About Q4Launch:

“I would have never thought about creating a FAQ page for our Owner Acquisition page but my CSM, Davis, advised me to do that and include questions such as ‘do you have a linen program’ and ‘do you have keyless entry;’ these are both very important things that a lot of people don’t realize Biloxi offers. This is just one of the many things Q4Launch brought to my attention that I never would have thought of.”

“It amazes me how Q4Launch figures out that my conversion is higher in Houston than it is in Dallas. Their understanding of national trends has brought our e-commerce into a whole new world. Every month our Return on Ad Spend grows. I can’t even explain what Q4 has done for us: it’s amazing.”