Updates to Facebook and What It Means for Your Business Page

November 14, 2019

This past month, Facebook released and rolled out some significant updates that you may not have even noticed yet. While these features are new and exciting, they also can impact the way you have traditionally been using the platform. Read more to find out how these Facebook updates will affect your business’s social media. 

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New Features and Updates to Facebook

What’s New to Facebook

Facebook released a couple of significant updates at the end of October that you will begin to see on your business’s Facebook page.

1. Removal of gray verification badge. You may have already noticed, but if your business page had a gray verification badge, it will no longer have one. Facebook has removed this verification badge from its platform, and only the blue checkmark will remain for well-known businesses, people, or organizations. Facebook has told users that this should not affect their search listings. No reason to panic, as long as your page is filled out completely, and has multiple reviews, you should still be viewed as credible. If Q4Launch runs your business page, there’s no need to worry at all! We fully optimize your business page and keep it up-to-date. 

2. New reach calculations. This update may be the most “impactful” to your business and marketing efforts. Facebook has announced that they will be changing the way that impressions will be calculated. The time frame that a user is considered a unique impression has been changed. This means that repeat impressions by the same person will be filtered out. Because of this change, you can probably expect there to be a decrease in organic impressions on your account and posts. While this seems like a significant change, In actuality, this update is helping your analytics become more accurate.

3. Removal of post scheduling on pages. No, scheduling your posts has not been removed, just the ability to schedule them directly from your business account. You will still be able to schedule your posts from the Business Manager or Creator Studio with no issues.

Facebook Is Always Changing

The world of social media is continuously changing, but many of these changes are for the better. The Social Media Team at Q4Launch continuously monitors our accounts and makes changes for any updates that roll out. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to stay in the know! How is your social media performing? Request our free Social Media Grader, and we’ll let you know!