Everything You Need to Know About Destination Marketing

August 14, 2018

As the owner of a bed & breakfast, boutique hotel, or vacation rental, it’s crucial that you understand what destination marketing is. Consider how you can incorporate selling your location into your overall marketing strategy. Destination marketing serves as an action plan to promote your area and make you the local expert. It’s imperative that you appeal to potential visitors with local insight to make your business competitive in an ever-changing travel industry. By focusing on the experiences your guests will have when they choose to stay with you, you place value on the credibility, reliability, and allure of your brand.

The Importance of Destination Marketing

girl traveling by train. destination marketing.Tourism Advertising and Quality Guest Experience

We see many websites in the travel industry that only focus on amenities, such as a “king-size bed,” “cozy fireplace in each room,” or “free WiFi.” Listing your amenities so that they are easy to find online is important, but these websites leave guests without answers to their questions. What events are happening in the area? Are there hiking trails nearby? Where can you find the best restaurants during your stay? By implementing a tourism advertising technique, you entice potential guests with thoughtful suggestions on what to do and see in your area while painting your property as the perfect place to stay.

Keeping Up with Changes in the Travel Industry

With the rise of companies like Airbnb, many millennials want to book a complete experience. In fact, they will travel to a destination for the activities as much as they will for the amenities. In Lodging Magazine, the CEO and founder of Impulsive Group suggests that boutique hotels, bed & breakfasts, and vacation rentals can compete with this rise in alternative lodging by providing potential guests with options, convenience, and personalization.

Recent surveys reveal that millennials value experiences. They would rather spend money on an enticing event or activity than on an item. As a result, Airbnb offers local experts as tour guides to help travelers get the most out of their vacation. As the travel industry continues to change, it’s important that local innkeepers and vacation rental managers market their local expertise. Q4Launch is more than happy to evaluate your website to determine how it reflects your knowledge of the area as an innkeeper.

Other Companies Shifting to Hospitality

Trusted brands like West Elm, known for their quality furniture and services, will soon offer accommodations. As a business owner, you may feel overwhelmed or intimidated trying to keep up with the large marketing budgets of these companies. To help your business to grow and appeal to travelers, we can assist you in updating and managing your digital presence.

Your Digital Presence

man researching travel on phone. destination marketing.Web Design with the Future of Your Business in Mind

It’s important to consider the rate at which website development advances and how frequently it changes. When looking at your website, ask yourself:

  • Is your site optimized for conversions?
  • Does it highlight your photography?
  • How prominently do you feature amenities? Location?

Explore different tools to enhance your digital presence through the use of blogging and social media.

Lead Generation and the Vacation Guide

When travelers land on your website looking for things to do, don’t leave them empty-handed. A well-designed Vacation Guide can be the right tool to capture new leads while offering local recommendations that travelers won’t find anywhere else. Engage these leads with email campaigns to further build your brand and create opportunities for new bookings.

Reach Out to Our Experts to Improve Your Strategy

Keeping up with the dynamic rates at which the travel industry is changing can be daunting. Luckily, that’s what we do at Q4Launch. As a destination marketing company, we aim to improve your strategies. We specialize in optimizing relevant content and maintaining a Future Proof Platform to increase direct bookings by establishing your name as the destination authority in your area. Get in touch with our experts and schedule a consultation to go over opportunities to improve the marketing strategies for your bed & breakfast or vacation rental.