How to Market Your Properties for Workcations

October 19, 2020

In today’s day and age with the coronavirus pandemic, many people are working remotely and finding innovative ways to accomplish tasksLet’s be honest: regular daytoday life can get boring when you work from home. That’s why travelers are finding ways to take workcationsA day of work can turn into something special when you work from a vacation destination. It can do wonders for your creativity and productivity. Below, we’ll let you in on our secrets on how to market your properties for workcations. 

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Here Are 4 Things You Need to Convey When Marketing Your Properties for Workcations 

Working from a vacation destination can indeed enhance your working and learning performance, but many people don’t realize that! If you use the right messaging, you can help people understand that working from your vacation rentals, bed and breakfast, or inn will be beneficial to them in more ways than one! 

1. Workcations Fuel Creativity

Do your best ideas come to you when you least expect it? Your most creative ideas can spark in the most surprising places. Encourage guests to take a walk on the beach, a hike in the mountains, or to meditate by the pool. Remind them to have their phone or paper and pen handy to jot ideas down as they surface! 

2. Focus Better in a New Workspace

You’ve heard it before. Working from the comfort of your bed isn’t always the best idea. You can concentrate better when you have a proper work area in a vacation rental, B&B, or inn.  It would also be a great idea to write a blog about the local coffee shops in your area that have WiFi and a good atmosphere for remote workers. But, if your property has a quiet “home” officehigh-speed WiFi, or a desk with a view – bonus points!  

3. Exercise Increases Productivity

Encourage exercise and recreation in your area. Exercise not only makes you feel great and energized, but it can also promote brainpower. If you have a home gym on your property, workout equipment, or a nearby recreation like hiking or yoga classes, guests can really benefit from those in their work life! 

4. Easily Switch Between Work and Play

Doesn’t it seem like a dream to be able to switch from work mode to vacation mode in a matter of seconds? Guests can do their work by the private pool and take dip in the water between Zoom calls. It doesn’t get much better than that! 

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