5 Steps to Grow Your Revenue During Off-Peak Seasons

October 8, 2020

During the off-peak times of the year, it may be a bit disappointing that your numbers begin to dip. But, with the right marketing strategies, there are plenty of ways to encourage people to travel. From last-minute deals to personalized ads, the following off-peak season marketing techniques are sure to boost your revenue. 

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Growing Your Off-Peak Revenue

Emphasize Personalized Service

Since the off-season tends to be less busy and crowd volume is low, you can use this to your advantage. In your marketing efforts, try to highlight how fewer guests leads to more individualized service and attention. People like to feel special, especially while on vacation. If they feel as though they’ll get more out of the trip, they’re likely to book during the off-season.

Highlight COVID-19 Protocols

Some people are still uncertain about traveling during the pandemic. In the off-season, you can point out that fewer people makes it better for social distancing. You can also use this opportunity to highlight some potential changes to protocols to help your guests feel extra safe before booking.

Promote Small Weddings and Events

Although big weddings are not recommended right now because of the aversion to large gatherings, small weddings are more popular than ever. Many couples with plans of marriage that were impacted by the pandemic are opting for small ceremonies with the plan for a big party at a later date. Promote intimate weddings and events during the off-season to boost revenue.

Create a Sense of Urgency

With the end of the year creeping up, you can market the idea of “use it or lose” when it comes to PTO. No one wants to miss out on their vacation time, so encourage people to use up those last few remaining days by staying at your property.

Drive-Last Minute Books

Through social media and email marketing, you can drive up your last-minute bookings and fill some of those empty rooms or properties in the off-season. Last-minute bookings have become increasingly popular, particularly during the age of COVID-19. As more people want to travel but feel uncertain about planning too far ahead, they’re looking for last-minute deals. The offseason is the perfect time to promote more and offer promotions like room upgrades without having to offer discounts.

Off-Peak Season Doesn’t Have to Be Slow

Most people associate off-peak seasons with low revenue and slow business. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are dozens of great tactics to boost your sales in between high and low seasons. Use our social media guide to learn more about social promotions and encourage your target market to make the choice and take a trip! As marketing experts, we know exactly what your business needs to drive up that revenue this year.

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