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How to Improve Your Google Search Ranking

There are plenty of ways to improve your Google search ranking. However, one of the best places to start is by increasing your E-A-T, also known as expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. With just a few changes, you’ll begin ranking higher for the keywords you’re targeting in no time! This may leave you wondering why you … Continued

there is a lot of different aspects of marketing strategy to effectively manage lodge marketing

How to Market a Lodge: Strategies You Need to Know

You are the expert on your area. Maybe you’re native to your region, or moved there because of a deep-seated passion for it. In any case, you know that your property is the best place to stay. How do you prospective visitors of the same idea? It would be nice if you could just say … Continued

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How to Increase Revenue from your Groupon Deal

Perhaps you’ve just launched, or are considering launching, a Groupon deal. Naturally, you’re curious if this decision will be profitable for your business. To increase revenue from your Groupon deal, you have to have a clear marketing plan that does two things: Turns new guests into repeat customers Implements an upsell strategy Statistically, the industries … Continued

the ever-changing hospitality marketing industry needs a definitive hospitality seo guide. you're welcome.

7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Impact on Your Hospitality SEO

Hospitality professionals looking for the most bang for their buck need to focus on hospitality SEO.   I have worked both in the hospitality industry and hospitality marketing for years. And dabbling in various channels has demonstrated return both in money as well as time spent versus time receiving benefits.   The biggest problem is … Continued

TripAdvisor Business Listing Worth It

Is a TripAdvisor Business Listing Worth the Investment?

The marketing manager of a hotel found himself surrounded by piles of paper one day as he conducted a thorough investigation of his hotel’s finances. He had inherited a marketing budget and expenses but was stressed and frustrated. What opportunities were there for him to improve? In particular, was he wasting money on a TripAdvisor … Continued

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Although they may seem like an uncommon audience, business travelers can actually be the bread and butter of your business if targeted the right way. Many hospitality professionals feel that marketing to business travelers is simply a matter of identifying them as a potential audience. But, if you really want to reign them in, you … Continued

Discover the Wonderful Surprises Found at Agustin Inn

When you’re Content Creator at Q4Launch, you tend to fall in love with all of the places you write about. It’s a natural consequence of writing about a quiet beachside town or cozy mountain village for hours on end. When you’re trying to convince travelers to visit a destination, you shouldn’t be surprised when you … Continued

What You Need to Know to Optimize Your VRBO Property Listings

As a property manager, VRBO can alternately be a source of profit or of frustration. It’s hard to ignore this popular vacation rental listing site, but it can also be a challenge to optimize your VRBO property listings in a way that successfully drive bookings. This guide will help you better understand VRBO and how … Continued

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5 of the Many Reasons You Need to Visit Stonehurst Place

Have you ever enjoyed a trip so much that you couldn’t wait to tell all of your friends and family about it? My recent visit to Stonehurst Place inspired me to do precisely that! It’s always a pleasure writing about this award-winning boutique inn and their incredible location in Midtown Atlanta. Needless to say, I … Continued