ppc for hotels

Your Guide to Understanding PPC for Hotels and the Hospitality Industry in 2018

When was the last time you searched Google for a last-minute hotel deal or planned a family getaway to the beach? Chances are, you’ve noticed an increasing number of ads demanding your attention, and these aren’t slowing down anytime soon. For those of us in the hospitality industry, this means managing PPC for hotels has become … Continued

Why The Old Wailuku Inn Is One of the Most Successful B&Bs on Maui

Are you looking for an agency that can solve your marketing woes? You’ve come to the right place. Q4Launch helps bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and vacation rental companies achieve success using an integrated marketing plan. With our expertise, our clients yield exciting and profitable results — even in high-competition areas. Here’s how. Case Study: … Continued

Boutique hotel website design inspiration on a computer

The 2018 Boutique Hotel Website Design Inspiration You Need to See

How do you help someone who’s never stepped foot on your property better understand you and your business? That’s the challenge regularly presented to boutique hotels when planning their website design and layout. Marriott and Hilton don’t need to introduce themselves to people who stumble upon their site, but, as a small, independent, or family-run … Continued

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3 of the Best SEO Copywriting Tips for Hotels

As a business owner in 2018, you probably know that blogging is extremely important. Adding fresh content to your website drives traffic, and, if done well, turns readers into paying customers. But how exactly do you craft a great blog? Let’s take a look at some SEO copywriting tips and tricks of the trade. SEO … Continued

Pilgrim's Inn in Deer Isle, Maine

How to Achieve Success with Q4Launch Like Pilgrim’s Inn in Deer Isle, Maine

At Q4Launch, it is our goal to help bed and breakfasts, hotels, and vacation rental companies achieve success. With a digital marketing strategy that revolves around high-quality content, outstanding websites, expert email campaigns, and social media, our clients see results. Over the years, Pilgrim’s Inn in Deer Isle, Maine, has achieved their goals with the … Continued

hotel reputation management

Hotel Reputation Management and What You Need to Know

“It takes 20 years to build reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Warren Buffett. Imagine yourself as a potential guest. You need a place to stay. In fact, you’d like a great place to stay. So you do a search on Google to find the perfect accommodations. You find some results that look pretty … Continued

How Q4Launch Helps Two Sante Fe Sister Properties Achieve Success

Q4Launch helps bed and breakfasts, hotels, and vacation rental companies across the country achieve success and meet their business goals. By executing high-quality digital marketing, website design, and content creation, our clients yield exciting and profitable results. We’d like to share one of those success stories regarding two wonderful sister properties, El Farolito and Four … Continued

Bed & Breakfast Reservation Software

How to Find the Best Bed and Breakfast Reservation Software

Choosing the right bed and breakfast reservation software is one of the most important decisions you have to make for your business. But finding one that meets your expectations and provides quality service to both your staff and your guests can be challenging. You might think, “Why does it matter which one I choose? As … Continued

Fort Lauderdale Stays

How Fort Lauderdale Stays Found Success with Q4Launch

We love helping our clients achieve success, and Fort Lauderdale Stays Vacation Rentals is one of our most recent case studies. Whether it’s the relevant, engaging content that positions David Packard and Steve Mosher as local experts or the responsive and clean website that solidifies their brand, this client has noticed a difference since initiating … Continued