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June 29, 2023

How to maximize your digital marketing efforts to increase your revenue


Digital marketing empowers property managers to increase brand recognition and make prospective guests more aware of their listings. If guests have never heard of you or your property management business, they’re less inclined to book your listings.

Effective digital marketing tactics can supercharge your bookings and hack your revenue streams.

Here at Q4Launch, we’ve mastered the ins and outs of the most powerful digital marketing strategies.


We’ve summarized some of our favorites below:



Perfect your email marketing

Having an impressive email marketing strategy creates positive touchpoints between you and your guests. Communication (in any partnership, but especially ones with your customers) sets the foundation for the quality of the relationship with your guests, so tactical communication via email is essential.

Segmenting your audience based off past booking characteristics can more effectively target your guests’ interests. Grouping your guests by those who have booked ski-in, ski-out rentals or pet-friendly properties and sending specialized campaigns to them personalize their experience with you and your brand.

Beyond that, having a traditional newsletter go out once a month can build brand loyalty. Using top stay-cycle emails fosters trust with your guests. Booking abandonment emails can entice travelers back to booking and engage with your brand.


Optimize your ‘all rentals’ and taxonomy pages

As a property manager, your direct booking website can make or break your business. Functionality and appearance are key to a successful website.

Users on Google will usually seek out your ‘all rentals’ page first. This page can encourage or disappoint your potential guests!

To best optimize this page for search engines, use keyword research tools and identify the terms with high search volume or high specificity that reflects specific user intent. Include a clear heading with copy centering around why someone should book you, link to amenity-specific pages, and use your primary keywords throughout your rentals’ description.

Additionally, consider making landing pages based on your amenity list, such as beachfront rentals, family-friendly rentals, or ski-in, ski-out rentals.

These taxonomy landing pages provide SEO value and help users convert more easily.


Educate your marketing decisions with smart reporting

Measuring the performance of past marketing efforts can better inform your future ones. Some property managers choose to use Google Analytics for this kind of reporting.

Soon, the incoming Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will shake up the way we use our research and analytics reporting.

GA4 will give users more options for success measurement. It will include:

  • Realtime reports
    • Includes any events that happened in 30 minutes (such as users, first time visits, and page titles)
  • Lifecycle reports
    • Repurposes the context for session and user data (like engagement for length of time and percent of overall site engagement)
  • User reports
    • Shows where people are coming from and who is engaged

Knowing how to better use GA4 will give you a clearer understanding of how your business is performing.


Bottom line

Digital marketing can have a positive impact on your bottom line. Our experts at Q4Launch know how to implement these tips (and more!) to grow your bookings’ revenue.

For more information on how we can unlock the full power of your digital marketing efforts, connect with us below:

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