6 Tips For Sustainable Travel During Your Next Vacation

April 7, 2020

Ecotourism is rapidly becoming the hottest trend in travel, but it’s so much more than a fade. Choosing to travel sustainably means making the conscious decision to have your vacation and enjoy it too. Whether it’s using the same bath towel for a few days or planning the best eco-friendly activities, sustainable travel is a simple way to maintain our favorite travel destinations. Follow our six sustainable travel tips for planning your next great getaway!

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Travel Sustainability: What You Need to Know

Traveling sustainably isn’t as difficult as it may sound. You don’t have to alter your vacation habits to travel more eco-responsibly. Here are a few tips and tricks for planning your next green getaway.

  • Choose a Sustainable Hotel

Q4Launch is proud to support the efforts of several sustainable hotels and bed and breakfasts. Trade the electronics for the sounds of the sea at Anthony’s Key Resort, a Caribbean resort dedicated to preserving Roatan through solar energy and reef conservation. Spend your vacation in the bliss of Montana’s woodlands at Good Medicine Lodge. Experience the most amazing eco-friendly activities such as skiing, fishing, hiking, and so much more. The lodge has continuously been named on National Geographic’s “Stay List” for their eco-stewardship. 

  • Consider How You Travel

Ditch the long, aching drive for a comfortable chauffeured ride to your next destination. Opting for a bus ticket or a train ride is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling in comfort. 

We understand that some of the world’s best vacation destinations require an airline ticket. Consider booking with airlines who utilize biofuels such as United, American, or Alaskan.

  • Utilize Hotel Hacks

Save on the basics like energy and water by simply being mindful during your stay. Hang your towel so that housekeeping knows not to waste a wash on it and earn your best beach hair by limiting lengthy showers. Bruno Correa, founder of Bee + Hive, states, “In a developing country, a village of 700 uses an average of 500 liters of water per month, while a luxury hotel guest uses 1,800 liters per night.” By spending more time enjoying our vacation instead of underneath a showerhead, we can easily reduce waste. 

  • Leave It Better Than You Found It

Pick up a piece of trash on the ground. Lend a hand in conservation. Provide a charitable donation to a local nonprofit. Big or small, leaving our favorite vacation destinations in better shape than we found them guarantees that they will be there to enjoy for futures to come.

  • Indulge in Eco-Friendly Activities

Mother Nature is a beautiful place. Explore one of the local parks, go for a crisp swim at a local beach or lake, visit with four-legged friends at a local farmstead, or go for a hike through wooded mountain land. Plan the ultimate outdoor adventure with Mayaland’s tours and plantation-side hotels.    

  • Support Small Businesses

Discover the best of your vacation destination by exploring the small businesses that call it home. Supporting local businesses is one of the easiest and most direct ways to promote sustainable tourism. 

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