Do You Know How to Market Sustainability in Your Destination?

April 9, 2020

Sustainable travel is growing in popularity. For many people, living a greener lifestyle is at the top of their priority list. Travelers do not want to sacrifice their commitments to the environment when they go on vacation. That means they are researching the best destinations to visit for an eco-friendly getaway. As with all marketing changes and trends, it’s essential to adjust your strategies. Read on to learn about how to market sustainability for your destination and your property or properties. Then, feel free to contact us for even more insightful information that will help you design a successful marketing strategy. 

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4 Ways You Can Market Sustainability for Your Destination 

1. Highlight Your Own Sustainable Practices

One of the most direct ways you can see a return in marketing for sustainability is through promoting your own green practices. From omitting single-use plastics and growing butterfly gardens to providing eco-friendly toiletries and working with local environmental efforts, there are several ways you can show your commitment to the planet. 


Sustainable Travel Tip: Leave it better than you found it by leaving a green footprint! Pick up trash, donate to a local nonprofit, or lend a hand in conservation practices. 

2. Encourage Travelers to Support Local

Highlight the importance of supporting local by partnering with other local businesses or featuring those restaurants, shops, and tours in blogs and on social media. 


Sustainable Travel Tip: Support local businesses such as shops, restaurants, and tours when you’re visiting a new-to-you destination. 

3. Emphasize Eco-Friendly Activities in Your Area 

There’s no better way to share knowledge than by showing others just how beautiful nature can be. Promote eco-friendly activities in your area to tap into the ecotourism market. Are there natural wonders in your area? Do you know of the best local tours that allow for exciting outdoor adventures? Give your audience the scoop on the best things to do in your region that puts a spotlight on Mother Nature herself. 


Sustainable Travel Tip: Learn about the area’s natural ecology and admire the local flora and fauna. 

4. Research Local Educational Resources  

Natural museums, wildlife sanctuaries, and animal rescues are just a few examples of educational resources that help spread environmental awareness. Do a little extra research to discover what types of opportunities there are for educational resources in your area, and share that knowledge with your guests! 


Sustainable Travel Tip: Consider switching up your method of transportation 

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