Learn How to Market Your Destination Like Purple Orchid Resort & Spa

June 22, 2018
aerial view of Purple Orchid Resort and Spa
Q4Launch Customer Spotlight: Purple Orchid Resort & Spa is in the heart of Livermore Valley.

Like so many travelers, a trip to explore California’s esteemed wine country is probably on your bucket list. It may even be a lifelong dream to see the gorgeous vineyards and taste the wine and food. But where, exactly, should you stay? As a destination marketing company with customers ranging from vacation rental companies and inns to B&Bs and boutique hotels, that’s what we help travelers decide. We implement our proven marketing strategies to help our customers like the Purple Orchid Resort & Spa in Livermore, California, appeal to their target audience, establish their brand, and increase bookings.

Do you need a new approach to marketing but aren’t sure where to begin? Below are just a few insights about our partnership with Purple Orchid. Take a look and contact us to find out how we can help you transform your hospitality marketing strategy, too.

About Purple Orchid Resort & Spa

Double Eagle Deluxe Queen Suite TubWhen you envision a destination where you can get away from it all, view incredible scenery at every turn, sleep in a luxurious bed, and indulge in food, wine, and spa treatments, the Purple Orchid Resort & Spa should come to mind.

Purple Orchid is less than an hour from San Francisco and Silicon Valley. It’s within the Livermore Valley AVA, which is about an hour and a half south of the famous Napa Valley. But, Livermore is an incredible wine region in its own right. The first vineyards were planted in 1840 by none other than Robert Livermore, and today, there are more than 50 wineries in the valley, including Wente Vineyards and Bent Creek Winery.

Purple Orchid Resort & Spa sits in the heart of the Livermore Valley countryside. Views of perfectly manicured vineyards and the gently rolling hills surround the location, providing visitors with a private, peaceful retreat. It has 10 rooms and suites with fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs, and a long list of top-notch amenities. This award-winning resort and spa even has an on-site olive orchard and produces olive oil for use in gourmet breakfast dishes, afternoon appetizers, and even spa treatments.

Sounds amazing, right? Well, even beautiful properties in fantastic locations need help reaching their target market.

What We Do for Purple Orchid Resort & Spa

We began working with Rhiannon and Derek Eddy, owners of the Purple Orchid, in October 2015. Within 30 days, we were up and running with a combination of our integrated marketing services, including:

  1. Bed and breakfast website design (Example below)
  2. Email marketing
  3. SEO
  4. Custom content creation

Purple Orchid Website

One of the first things we did was to implement Google Analytics tracking on the website. Purple Orchid did not previously have that and was unable to measure how many people were visiting their site. Since we were able to track results, we could establish a baseline and see that Purple Orchid experienced a steady increase in website traffic and bookings in year one that continued in year two.

When you compare our second full year of marketing for Purple Orchid to the first year (the baseline), the website bounce rate has improved by 43.34% and is now at a low 40.11%. In addition, the average site visitor views about one more page on the website than they did before, which shows a higher level of engagement.

Also during the second year, Purple Orchid’s blog brought 15,212 people to their site, with 13,159 of those being brand new site visitors. If we dive deeper into the analytics, we find that 12,481 of these landing page visits are from organic traffic with 89.66% of those being new visitors. This shows we helped pull in a wave of new organic visitors through informative, engaging blogs. These visitors might not have found their site otherwise.

The Vacation Guide we created for Purple Orchid has been downloaded 698 times. With case studies showing that 20% of VG downloads convert to a booking, we can estimate that this drove about 140 bookings.

When it comes to revenue, our data shows revenue increased by 31% in year two of our partnership.

A few other tidbits include that each month, we continue to grow year-over-year for our key metrics: organic visits, email visits, blog traffic, and VG downloads. We’re in this partnership for the long haul, and our results show we’re able to continue being successful each year.

Find Out How Q4Launch Can Help You

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