Top 40 Reasons Why Paid Search with Q4Launch Delivers Results!

August 2, 2023

Why Should You Invest in Paid Search? 

Professionally managed PPC delivers terrific return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) as well as numerous other benefits.  Here are the top reasons (Pay-per-Click) PPC is a smart marketing investment that delivers profitable revenue increases to your business.

Q4Launch PPC customers are guaranteed at least 5X ROAS but typically achieve between 10X and 20X over the course of the year.

PPC is such a star performer that the list expanded from Top 20 to Top 40 while writing it up.

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Top 40 Reasons Travel & Hospitality Customers Benefit from Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

  1. PPC enables top-of-page placement on search results that is not dependent on SEO or unpredictable Google algorithm changes
  2. PPC turbocharges organic SEO with complementary listings at top of more search result pages
  3. PPC is low-waste because you only pay when someone clicks on your PPC advertisement
  4. PPC has no risky long-term contracts
  5. PPC budgets and priorities are adjustable in real-time
  6. PPC introduces your brand to new customers and increases revenue, profits and and leads
  7. Your competitors are using PPC advertising to grow
  8. PPC helps gain market share from local and national rivals
  9. PPC ads can drive phone calls and email leads to your business if desired
  10. PPC drives offline sales and assists other online marketing channels during the consumer booking journey
  11. PPC can publicize specific sales promotions and special offers
  12. PPC results and ROAS (return on ad spend) are fully measurable in ways other media are not
  13. Paid Search (PPC) boosts visibility in Maps and on mobile devices
  14. PPC is scalable up or down based on budgets and desired revenue
  15. PPC traffic is more likely to convert by targeting users who are lower in the sales funnel/closer to booking
  16. Q4Launch PPC increases direct bookings to defend against OTA cannibalization  
  17. Q4Launch PPC ads are targeted to precise geo areas and audiences, down to zipcode and one-mile radiuses
  18. Q4Launch PPC targeting lets you compete on equal footing with much larger businesses
  19. Q4Launch PPC’s precise targeting goes far beyond keywords and allows us to show more ads to users who are most likely to book based on hundreds of other factors, such as:
    • Campaign types and configurations
    • Consumer Age
    • Gender
    • Geography
    • Device
    • Blocking (negative) keywords
    • Household Income
    • Kids in Household
    • Kid Age Range
    • Marital Status
    • Interests and In-Market Shopping Behavior
    • Landing Page Mix
    • Day of Week
    • Time of Day
    • Seasonality (Month of year)
    • Remarketing to Previous site visitors (based on depth of engagement and other signals)
    • Remarketing to Previous customers (via email data matching)
    • Pausing ads to those who have already booked (negative remarketing)
    • Many more
  1. Q4Launch PPC performance continues to improve over time thanks to sophisticated data analyses and proprietary bid-adjustment tools
  2. Q4L PPC delivers quality traffic that boosts website engagement on important eCommerce pages (low bounce rates and high pages-per-session for PPC)
  3. Q4L PPC advertising formats are better than organic listings thanks to ad-only features like tap-to-call, sitelinks and ideal landing page selections
  4. Q4Launch PPC lets you monitor competitor spending and strategies
  5. Q4Launch’s remarketing data science and customized targeting increases customer retention and repeat bookings
  6. Q4Launch PPC is efficient: every dollar spent bringing in $8 to $20+ in additional revenue — a 5X to 20X+ Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  7. Q4L PPC maximizes revenue and ROAS by matching spend levels to seasonal booking patterns
  8. Q4Launch PPC enables coverage across all the top search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, etc)
  9. Q4L PPC has testing capabilities to see what variations of ad copy or brand name styling are most lucrative
  10. Q4Launch PPC’s data-backed learnings about targeting, ad copy, audiences, and demographics can help inform organic and overall marketing strategy
  11. Q4L PPC performance is reported in detail in the monthly performance reports
  12. Q4Launch can set up automatic PPC reports to email you more details on a weekly or even daily basis if needed
  13. Q4Launch PPC blocks thousands of irrelevant searches and keywords to eliminate wasted spend and boost ROAS
  14. Q4L PPC geo targeting is layered to prioritize customers nationally or from your drive-in or fly-in markets, as shown in data
  15. Q4L PPC also blocks ads from showing to global audiences that can drain budget without earning bookings
  16. Q4Launch PPC team provides another layer of website performance recommendations and tweaks that can benefit organic and social conversion rates too
  17. Q4Launch PPC is very affordable with flexible minimum spends
  18. Q4Launch PPC offers complete spending transparency so you know for certain your dollars are being spent wisely
  19. Q4L PPC is fully integrated and shares data with Google Analytics so PPC campaigns, keywords and many other details are visible in GA reporting
  20. Q4Launch PPC knows the secret settings and methods that are invisible to amateurs
  21. PPC by Q4Launch is easy for clients: it is 100% managed and optimized on your behalf to maximize ROAS and deliver on business goals!


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