Historic Smithton Inn Partners with Q4Launch

April 7, 2016
Historic Smithton Inn
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Recently, Historic Smithton Inn in Ephrata, PA, decided to team up with Q4Launch as its preferred marketing partner. Though we did not design a new website for Historic Smithton Inn, we are handling their integrated bed and breakfast marketing strategy by providing blogging, email marketing, social media management, Google Analytics evaluations, search engine optimization, and more. We are excited to work with this inn in Lancaster County, as it comes with some extra special historic charm!

About Historic Smithton Inn

The Historic Smithton Inn is an 18th century colonial stone structure that was turned into a bed and breakfast in 2009 by current innkeeper and owner Rebecca Gallagher. The 250+ year old property features a half acre of land along Main Street in Ephrata, PA, nestled between Philadelphia and Harrisburg. The building has expanded and evolved over time, serving as a tavern, tailor’s shop, farm, and private residence before becoming a bed and breakfast. The beautiful, historic brick facade is contrasted with modern, luxurious amenities such as WiFi and an electric vehicle charging station. However, handcrafted furniture, working fireplaces in each room, and local art help keep that original, illustrious charm.

Q&A With Innkeeper Rebecca Gallagher


Why did you decide to work with Q4Launch in the first place?


“Before becoming an innkeeper, my career was in corporate marketing. I used to manage and work with a great team to achieve our marketing goals. I’d grown Historic Smithton Inn to the point where I knew what needed to be done to improve our marketing, but I didn’t have the bandwidth, or in some cases, the capability, to personally do the work. I needed that TEAM again.”

“I found Q4Launch through my membership in Select Registry. I signed up for a free analysis of my Google Analytics/SEO, spoke with Steven about Q4’s offering, got some references from a few customers, and ultimately decided to sign up with them. My only regret so far is that I didn’t go this route sooner.”


What was it like going through the onboarding process?


“The onboarding process went very smoothly from my perspective. It moved quickly and everyone along the way has been super-responsive. I HATE vendors who answer the phone on the first ring and email you back within minutes … UNTIL they close the deal … then your calls sit unreturned and emails unopened and excuses start flying. This has not been the case with Q4Launch.”

“What I like is that my brand promise to my customers is to deliver quality service and customer experience, and I don’t want to work with a vendor who doesn’t offer that same brand promise for ME.”


What aspects of the Q4Launch team are you most enjoying?


“What I’m enjoying most about working with Q4Launch is the professionalism. I know what a good marketing team looks like; I’ve had the pleasure to put them together and work with them in my corporate life. It feels great to have that sort of team working for me again, and working in a way that they have ‘skin in the game’ regarding my business’ growth and performance. I’m excited to see the results, and I’m anticipating great things.”

Intrigued by Rebecca’s Story?

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