Discover the Wonderful Surprises Found at Agustin Inn

February 22, 2019

When you’re a Content Creator at Q4Launch, you tend to fall in love with all of the places you write about. It’s a natural consequence of writing about a quiet beachside town or cozy mountain village for hours on end. When you’re trying to convince travelers to visit a destination, you shouldn’t be surprised when you end up convincing yourself. That’s why I jumped at the chance to visit Agustin Inn. St. Augustine combines many of the things I love, including history, Spanish architecture, and insanely good food. It’s a small, walkable city where taking the scenic route often leads to discovering your next favorite shop or restaurant. The Agustin Inn is the perfect embodiment of what makes St. Augustine special. From arrival to departure, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.


Traveling is a different experience for my partner and me. Mike, my lovely boyfriend, is a quadriplegic, and we often have to do extensive research before visiting a new city to make sure that it’s accessible. Historic towns and buildings are typically inaccessible, so we’re too often stuck staying in boring hotel chains. You can’t imagine my shock when I saw that Agustin Inn had a gorgeous guest room that was ADA compliant! From there, I was counting down the days until I got to visit.


One of Agustin Inn’s best features is its staff. Everyone we met during our stay was so attentive, sweet, and friendly. Upon arrival, they immediately informed us of the ramp on the side of the hotel and let us know that we would get free parking anywhere in the city with our handicap tag. We met Audra, the amazing assistant manager, in the lobby where she welcomed us with a glass of complimentary champagne. She pointed out the cookie jar (which is frequently refilled!) and the 24-hour coffee and tea bar. The lobby and the adjoining sitting room are both spacious, with doors wide enough for Mike’s chair to easily get through.

As much as I enjoyed touring the business I’d been writing so much about, the expression on my partner’s face was even better. His look of glee as he sipped champagne and looked around at the cozy furnishings really demonstrated how special Agustin Inn is.

Our room, Greensboro, was just a cozy and comfortable as the lobby. The bed was lower, making it easier for my partner to transfer on and off. There was a mini espresso machine, which Mike took advantage of each day of our stay. The bathroom, however, was the biggest surprise. It featured a roll-in shower, something that we never would have expected. But that’s just Agustin Inn. No detail is overlooked, and the staff is willing to go that extra mile if needed.


Breakfast at Agustin Inn is an event in and of itself! Each morning, guests are treated to a sit-down, two-course meal that’s freshly prepared on site. My favorites were a delicious blueberry smoothie and the heaping plate of french toast with a cream cheese drizzle and bacon. The staff’s friendly attitude is infectious, and Mike and I found ourselves chatting with the other guests between bites. I’m a staunch planner and scheduler, even on vacation, but I found myself relaxing during the meal, content to stay the morning.


Like Agustin Inn, Mike and I were impressed by how accessible St. Augustine was. Most of the buildings had separate ramp entrances that were clearly labeled and signs to ask for help if needed. For me, a major highlight was shopping along St. George Street. For Mike, the Lightner Museum was the same. Both of us agree, though, that the St. Augustine Distillery was our favorite attraction. The free tour was fascinating, and the distillery was very generous with their samples. It’s definitely worth the visit!


My trip to St. Augustine was chock full of pleasant surprises and memory-making moments. I’m so grateful to the inn for making my stay so wonderful and relaxing, and I so hope to return there one day. If you’re interested in touring the town for yourself, book your stay at Agustin Inn!

Taylor Anthony | Content Creator