Here’s Why You Should Be Creating New Content for Your Website

September 5, 2023

Did you know that 65% of all hotel bookings are made online? This is a figure that will continue to trend upwards as customers forego the ancient art of making a phone call in favor of far-more-convenient digital transactions. What does this mean for hotel owners and hospitality marketers? Your website is, by far, the best tool you have for attracting new business! And, one of the best ways to get the most out of your website is by updating your content strategy.

Continue reading to find out why you should be creating new content for your website on a regular basis. Once you understand how important it is to have solid content on your website, the next step is finding a team of trusted content specialists that can help you execute a data-driven content strategy. Reach out to our team of marketing experts to get started! 

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Why Should You Be Creating New Content for Your Website?

A well-executed digital content strategy is the backbone of any business that deals with customers online. But, why is content so important? Here are just a few of the things that creating new content for your website will achieve for your business. 

Get Found on Google Search

Purpose-driven content leads to purpose-driven results. It all starts with search engine optimization. If you aren’t targeting the right keywords on landing pages or your blog posts, guess what potential customers will find online when they search for hotels in your area? Your competitors! Standing out online and attracting new business both start with your SEO content strategy. Check out our SEO copywriting blog for some helpful tips! 

Keep People Interested

Providing your customers with interesting and engaging content should be the top priority. Sharing stunning property and area photos is one great way to pique your audience’s interest and keep people engaged in what your property has to offer. 

Grow Your Social Media/Online Presence

Your social media content works in tandem with every avenue you have for creating and sharing content on your website. Writing a blog post about a national park near your property? Share it on your Facebook page! Took a picture of the first snowfall of the season? Post it on Instagram! We cover social media marketing strategy in more depth in this blog post. Request our Social Media Marketing Guide for additional help! 

Build Relationships With Customers

In hospitality marketing, being a trusted source of information is extremely important. Sharing restaurant guides and pointing customers toward the area’s main attractions is an undervalued way to keep customers happy and coming back to you for all of their information. It also builds a relationship with clients and makes you a trusted voice in the area! Updating your website with specials and discounts is another way to keep your customers informed. 

How to Start Creating Content for Your Website Right Now

business planning ROIEven with everything you know about creating new content for your website, putting that knowledge into practice is easier said than done. Let our team of digital marketing professionals and in-house content writers do the work for you! Q4Launch is proven to increase bookings and give our clients never-before-seen results. Reach out to our team today for a free consultation and start seeing an ROI within months.

Want a more immediate solution for seeing how your website is performing and where you should be making changes? Our free Hospitality SEO Marketing Grader can help point your business’ marketing strategy in the right direction. 

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