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for the Bed & Breakfast Industry

Get More 5 Star Reviews

If you manage a bed & breakfast, you know how important guest reviews are. They can make or break your business! Use our hotel reputation management services to encourage 5 star reviews across all online platforms.

You can get 10 times more 5-Star Reviews from your guests when you request a rating via TEXT! The set-up is easy. The response rate is very strong. Get started with our hospitality review management in just minutes!

Experience Your Guest’s Journey

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Your guests recieve a link via text upon checkout

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From there, guests can rate your property

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1,2 and 3 star ratings are guided to a feedback form

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4 and 5 star ratings are asked to leave a review

Getting Started

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Step 1: Sign Up

Fill out the form and click the ‘Sign Up’ button to get started setting up your account.
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Step 2: Set Up Your Account

Simply upload the image you want to use, your property information, and links to the online review sites where you participate.
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Step 3: Start adding guests

Input guest names and mobile phone numbers. You can do this one at a time, or upload multiple guests with a CSV file.

Monitor Engagement

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Step 4:

See how many of your guests open the text.
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Step 5:

Track which guest leaves a review and know which online platform they choose!
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Step 6:

For reviews that earn 3 stars or less, carefully consider their feedback.

Enjoy the Results

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Step 1:

Watch the reviews roll in across all online platforms.
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Step 2:

Respond to the reviews with a personal note of thanks or an offer to call the guest for any negative reviews.

Start Getting More 5 Star Reviews Today

You’ll enjoy how quick and easy this hospitality review management solution is to use. It elegantly automates the process of encouraging more 5 star reviews. Sign up now!

Just $197/month