Improved Marketing Strategy Provides Immediate Results for Schenck Mansion

April 12, 2016

schenck mansion

“Within an hour of [Q4Launch] sending out the very first email marketing campaign, I got a direct call about the email that went out about our new website. After the first few days, we received six new reservations from returning customers that saw the email.” -Michele Thompson | Schenck Mansion Innkeeper

One thing we don’t promise as a company is overnight results. As we build an integrated bed and breakfast marketing strategy that is meant to yield results for years to come, we expect a bit of a ramp up period before our customers start seeing increased bookings. However, when the immediate results happen, we think that’s time to celebrate! Keep reading below to learn more about Schenck Mansion and its partnership with us at Q4Launch.

About Schenck Mansion

Located in Vevay, Indiana, Schenck Mansion is a historic bed and breakfast built in 1874 by Benjamin Franklin Schenck. At the time of construction, the mansion was extremely extravagant, a result of the wealth and prosperity of the steamboat era. The lavish structure includes a four-storied tower, 35 spacious rooms with high ceilings, four porches, seven balconies, eight chimneys, 13 fireplaces, and over 50 windows. The magnificent mansion is now owned by Jerry and Lisa Fisher, who opened the Schenck Mansion bed and breakfast in 2000. The innkeeper is currently Michele Thompson.

Starting the Integrated Marketing Plan

When Q4Launch began the integrated marketing strategy with Schenck Mansion in February, the first goals were to properly set up Google Analytics and implement excellent hospitality search engine optimization (SEO). Through blogging,email campaigns, and Facebook posts, Schenck Mansion has been receiving a tremendous amount of traffic directly to the website. A recent blog post on the history of the mansion’s creator, Benjamin Schenck, has reached over 2,000 people organically on Facebook, which included over 110 post clicks and 66 likes, comments, and shares. This is a dramatic increase from the previous typical reach through social media directed to the website.

Creating a Brand New Responsive Website

The new responsive bed and breakfast website design has been a huge success story for Schenck Mansion. This is in part due to the significant change of the website appearance. The new site designed by Q4Launch has a clean, modern layout that uses large images, an easy interface, and a fresh, innovative design. Take a look at the before and after photos below.

schenck mansion website
The new responsive website (click to enlarge).
schenck mansion's old website
The old website (click to enlarge).

Email Campaign Success

As witnessed by Michele Thompson’s earlier quote, email marketing has been one of the first successes for Schenck Mansion. Within the first few days of the specialized email blasts sent by Q4Launch, six reservations were received as well as a direct call specifically about the new website. Our hope is that this is just the first of many in the months and years to come!

See Success Like Michele

If you are interested in how Michele has seen such success early on, please reach out to a Q4Launch team member by clicking here to contact us today. We’d love to spend 30 minutes with you talking about your current bed and breakfast marketing strategy and some great ways you can improve.