3 Lead Generation Strategies That Will Bring You More Guests

September 5, 2014

One of the main services we provide to our customers is coming up with lead generation strategies that will serve them best, particularly through their website. Often times, this is something that is foreign to our customers before we provide help. Many bank on the fact that they will continue to have repeat customers come time and again and don’t focus on gaining and nurturing new leads. Repeat guests are great, but the only way to grow is to bring in new guests on a consistent basis. We have 3 lead generation strategies that we would like to share, but first, here are a few additional bits of information.

What Does Lead Generation Mean & Why Should I Care?

Lead generation can be defined as, “the generation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business.” For a bed and breakfast or boutique hotel, this means generating interest for people to come to your area and stay at your property. Developing lead generation strategies is crucial to building your business and increasing occupancy rates.

Use Calls to Action (CTAs) to Accomplish This on Your Website

CTAs are an essential tool you need to use in order to generate leads through your website. These need to be well-designed, well-placed, and enticing enough to get people to click. Once they click, be sure you’re giving the user something of high value. When you do, they will be more likely to click on future CTAs, as well.

3 Lead Generation Strategies

1) Email & Blog Subscription Forms

One lead generation strategy is to have email and blog subscription forms on your home page and in your sidebar on all other pages. This is a quick way to get a first name, last name, and email address. When they sign up for your emails, you will be able to send them one or two high-quality emails a month in order to constantly nurture them. A blog subscription form is a little bit different in that they will receive an email every time you post a new blog. People are always on email, so this is a great strategy.

2) Giveaways That Have a High Perceived Value

lead generation strategies
Click the image to see what the form looks like.

For our bed and breakfast, boutique hotel, and vacation rental company customers, this comes in the form of a professionally designed vacation guide. We want visitors to our customer’s website to be intrigued by a beautiful vacation guide. And we will give it to them for free. All they have to do is click the link and fill out a form to give us their name and email address. We then automatically deliver them the vacation guide and add them to our monthly email list. Again, we are able to nurture the leads this way.

3) Host Webinars or Give Away Other Free Educational Resources

Offering webinars is a great way to hand out great information for free and in a more personal way. We host monthly webinars covering very similar topics that we write about in our blog. The webinars are about 45 minutes long and always have a 15-minute question and answer period. This is a great way to educate, but it’s also another great lead generation strategy. For property owners, you could host webinars on “3 Keys to Having a Great Experience in Our City,” “5 Restaurants Only the Locals Know About,” or any other topic that guests tend to ask at the front desk.

Our lead generation strategies are a huge part of what we do for our customers, but it’s far from all encompassing. If you have any questions on lead generation, blogging, social media, email marketing, SEO, or any other aspect of your marketing strategy, please click the link below and request your free 30-minute marketing consultation with a Q4Launch team member.

lead generation strategies