How to Make the Best of a Short Season

June 10, 2015

LawnchairsDo you sometimes feel as if your marketing struggles are unique to your property or location? Thanks to the presence of the Internet, marketing for small businesses has become remarkably easier. And the ease of marketing online is boosting participation in only a few short decades–for example, 49% of inns and boutique hotels actively engage in marketing over the Internet. How a company effectively markets itself online is unique to each company, however. Read on to see how one very unique property in Maine recalibrated its online marketing and is already seeing results.

Dockside Guest Quarters in York, Maine

Located in beautiful York Harbor, Maine, Dockside Guest Quarters is perfectly situated to provide its customers with a quintessential Maine experience. With spectacular views of York Harbor and the Atlantic ocean from the rocky shoreline, Dockside Guest Quarters is not a sight to miss. The Lusty family has been welcoming guests to their lodging and dining establishment for 60 years, with great results.

While there is plenty to draw visitors to York and Dockside, this 25-room property has a challenge unique to few lodging establishments: they are only open for the very short Maine coastal tourist season. With only five months with which to delight customers, how can Eric and Carol Lusty continue to attract the highest number of customers?


The Marketing Solution


By partnering with Q4Launch, of course! Using our integrated marketing process, we’ve been able to achieve some major successes in a relatively short span of time.


Establishing the Relationship


Dockside Guest Quarters began its process of launching marketing with Q4Launch in December. This process included creating a new website to replace the one the Lustys had been using for about a decade and strategizing a marketing plan using email marketing, search engine optimization, social media, and blogging specific to Dockside Guest Quarters. The onboarding process, which took about a month, was as Eric described, “very smooth and relatively painless.”

From the start of our onboarding process to today, Eric reported that he has been impressed by our level of customer service. From the start, Eric has worked closely with one member of the Q4Launch team, his designated Inbound Marketing Consultant. “Q4’s customer service is outstanding -polite and professional. Colin especially is quick to respond with very well thought out answers.”

While customer service is important in any business, what matters most is results. And Q4Launch has so far proven up to the task of delivering.

dockside gq total traffic


The Results of Our Partnership


In terms of organic traffic visiting Dockside Guest Quarters’ site, the difference between each month and the year before is steadily increasing. For example, May’s organic traffic witnessed a 32% increase versus May of 2014.

Another focus of our integrated marketing approach has been email marketing. Our email marketing efforts have attracted 3,046 unique visits to Dockside Guest Quarters’ website since we started marketing in January. For comparison, Dockside’s efforts in the same period the year before attracted 170.

Q4Launch’s work with social media on behalf of Dockside Guest Quarters is already bearing fruit as well. Traffic from their Facebook page to the website alone has increased 342% in the period stretching from January 2015 to May 2015.

With these and other tools such as blogging, Q4Launch has been able to effect an increase in total traffic that averages out to about a 28% increase in total traffic in the months stretching from January to May of this year. Individual months have shown even bigger increases up to 38%.

We at Q4Launch are proud to be able to help the Lusty family and Dockside Guest Quarters put their best foot forward with regards to their online marketing. We look forward to many more successful years working together!

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