5 Hospitality Blogs to Follow This Year

March 5, 2015

maintaining hospitality blogs are important for people in the hospitality industryOne of the most important aspects of inbound marketing is maintaining a blog. It helps you create a voice or branding, for your business. It also provides fresh content to optimize your site and use on your social media pages. Blogging also builds authority for your business about a subject. For a guide to starting a blog, you can read a previous post of ours on how to start blogging here. But sometimes you need a bit more guidance than that. Here is our list of some great hospitality blogs for bed and breakfasts.


The List of Hospitality Blogs

These listed inns have a consistent and fairly lengthy history of maintaining their hospitality blogs. There is no question they are ahead of the curve with regards to keeping themselves top of mind with previous customers. Their hospitality blogs also help in drawing new potential customers to their website and property. These have all received an award for being one of the top 100 best hospitality blogs.


Chatter from the Manor

Kimberly Allen paints a charming picture of life at A Butler’s Manor in Southampton, New York. Her blog, Chatter from the Manor discusses everything from what’s going in the garden to life in the Hamptons to her various musings on a wide range of subjects. The result is an engaging read for anyone interested in the Hamptons on Long Island.



Nancy Hinchliff maintains a blog called InnNotes regarding the area around her bed and breakfast, the Aleksander House, in “Old Louisville” Kentucky. Ms. Hinchliff writes about cultural attractions, events, and recipes, but a major focus of her writing is on the restaurants in her area. The pictures she chooses are sure to make any visitors’ mouth water.


Hartstone Inn

While a customer of ours, Hartstone Inn was blogging long before it was cool. Their site and blog are frequently updated and use gorgeous pictures to their best advantage to create a charming image of their area. Hartstone Inn has little problem drawing visitors to their little town of Camden, Maine.


Captain Jefferds Inn

Another Q4Launch customer up in Kennebunkport, Maine, Captain Jefferds Inn focuses on the goings-on in the Kennebunkport area. The blogs range from flower and boat shows in Portland to the cultural attractions nearby to ladders for the local frogs to enter and exit the garden pond near the house. As with all the other blogs on this list, Captain Jefferds Inn received an award for being one of the top 100 blogs to follow!


Rabbit Hill Inn

Again featuring large and appealing photography, this blog describes its area in northern Vermont to draw potential customers. It focuses on descriptions of events, the local food, and even answers to questions posed to the innkeepers. While the blogs are not always a good length to gain a good ranking on Google nor posted often enough, it is still an engaging read.


Hopefully, these hospitality blogs can give a good taste of what it requires creating a blog for your property that is engaging and helps garner interest in your area and your business.

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Photo Credit: marekuliasz/ThinkStock/iStock