Mobile and Meta: Hotel Trends in 2015

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With the arrivals of December and January come usual articles about trends to watch out for in the coming year, particularly hotel trends in 2015. We at Q4Launch have been passing around articles from various sources from Skift to Entrepreneur magazines, and wanted to share some of the trends to watch in 2015 as it pertains to our destination travel customers. While every one of the hotel trends in 2015 we’ve read will not necessarily affect smaller businesses in the hospitality industry, some provide good hints of where to focus in the coming … Continue Reading

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How to Start Blogging: A Guide for Property Owners

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No matter how long you’ve been in the business, we’re sure you understand the importance of marketing to help get “heads in beds”, or creating potential new customers to stay at your property. If you’ve read any of our blogs, we’re sure you also understand the importance of blogging for drawing potential customers to your website and eventually to your property. One of the greatest things blogging does is it creates fresh content to optimize your website for search engines, creates content to tout on your social media pages, builds authority … Continue Reading

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Should You Renew your TripAdvisor Subscription?

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One of our customers came to us recently concerned about their upcoming subscription renewal with TripAdvisor (TA). They were asking the question based on hard numbers – do the analytics justify nearly $1000 a year for TripAdvisor advertising? After a few minutes of research in Google Analytics our answer was a no-brainer: Renew your trip advisor subscription! This particular customer was paying $935, which is the TripAdvisor standard annual subscription rate. The Google Analytics showed that they had received 688 referrals through TA, up 47.6 percent from 2013. Eight of … Continue Reading

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