VIDEO: Make Sure Your Blog is Part of Your Website

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Our webinar titled 7 Strategies to Increase Traffic Using Your Blog covers – well – exactly what the title implies! The link above allows you to watch the webinar in its entirety, but for those of you who don’t have nearly an hour to take in the whole thing, here is just one of the tips that was presented. Listen below to Q4Launch founder Matt Bare speak about the importance of making sure that your blog is a part of your website. Enjoy!

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4 Super Successful Email Marketing Examples

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People learn in all different ways. Some folks are great about reading something once and they’re already a subject master. Others can read the same piece of material and intuitively understand but still need to see an example. This blog is for everyone, but specifically those who need examples! Below is a compilation of just 4 of the many email marketing examples we’ve created that have had a ridiculous amount of success. When you look at the numbers below, keep in mind that the travel industry average for email open … Continue Reading

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Does Your Bed and Breakfast Website Feature These Qualities?

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Since we chat with innkeepers across the country on a daily basis, we hear a lot about their respective bed and breakfast websites. Those conversations usually include at least a few sentences on needing to improve their existing websites, and, almost always, we agree. A lot of times, though, the thought is that a new website will be the cure-all for underwhelming booking reports. In reality, your bed and breakfast website is just one piece of the integrated marketing strategy. Additionally, your website needs to have certain features in order to … Continue Reading

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6 Tools that Help Innkeepers Define Content Marketing

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So it seems the term “content marketing” gets thrown around a lot in the bed and breakfast world today. But what exactly is it, and how do you go about putting it into practice? If you’re an innkeeper who likes a clear-cut answer, then maybe trying to define content marketing will keep you up at night. Content Marketing Institute put together a few different definitions, depending on what type of conversation a person is having at a particular time. Here is an abridged, yet formal, way to define content marketing … Continue Reading

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