Sharing Success Stories: Davidson Village Inn Q&A

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At Q4Launch, we love to share stories of success. Whether it be the personal success of one of our own team members in a staff meeting, or the success of one of our loyal customers, we are always excited to spread the news. Today is no different, as we have some exciting news to share about one of our newest customers – Davidson Village Inn. In our first month of implementing our integrated marketing strategy for Davidson Village Inn, we were able to increase the year-over-year website traffic in August more … Continue Reading

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3 Lead Generation Strategies That Will Bring You More Guests

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One of the main services we provide to our customers is coming up with lead generation strategies that will serve them best, particularly through their website. Often times, this is something that is foreign to our customers before we provide help. Many bank on the fact that they will continue to have repeat customers come time and again and don’t focus on gaining and nurturing new leads. Repeat guests are great, but the only way to grow is to bring in new guests on a consistent basis. We have 3 … Continue Reading

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6 Fun Ways to Use Hyperlapse for Marketing Your Property

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If you haven’t seen it or heard of it yet, you soon will. Hyperlapse, a stand-alone app from Instagram, was released on August 26, and it has taken no time to make itself known all over the internet. Whether you are on Facebook or Instagram regularly, chances are you’ve already witnessed a Hyperlapse video. “What does it do?” you may be asking yourself. Hyperlapse allows you to increase playback speed up to 12x after shooting a video on your iPhone or iPad (it’s currently only available on iOS devices). This … Continue Reading

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Facebook Trying to Keep People from Posting Click-Bait Headlines

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In an effort to increasingly reward quality content and to punish terrible spammy content, Facebook has decided to take harsher measures against content viewed as click-bait. The social media leader announced two new updates on August 25 that are supposed to help rid news feeds of spammy content and, therefore, deliver better information for each person. There are two ways that Facebook is attempting to do this: reduce headlines seen as click-bait, and help people see links in the ideal format. What is Click-Baiting? As defined by Facebook in its August … Continue Reading

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