Facebook Posts

5 Types of Facebook Posts You Should be Using

It can be tough to keep up with your social media accounts when you’re running your inn or vacation rental business. All that running around is exhausting! One of the best things you can do to make it easier on yourself is to establish a good method and rhythm so the thought of posting doesn’t … Continued

SEO is Not Dead

SEO is Not Dead!

A recent SKIFT article got a lot of buzz for its debate of whether Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is indeed a dying field for the monopoly that Google holds over controlling search results. The worry for small hospitality companies is that, without the budget to compete with huge booking companies like Priceline or Expedia, there … Continued

Email Marketing to Stay Top-of-Mind

How to Leverage Email Marketing to Stay Top-of-Mind

We’ve all experienced the frustration of an inbox full of junk mail, and some of us have probably come to hate the idea of email marketing because of it. As small hospitality businesses, there is no way to deny the power and importance of marketing, and what is a more convenient way to reach people … Continued

Get Your Blog Ranked in Google

How to Craft a Masterpiece and Get Ranked by Google

When you’re sitting down to write your weekly blog it’s easy, as a business owner, to wax poetic on the company you have labored long and hard to make successful. While the poetics are powerful in giving your customers a sense of who you are as an organization, they sometimes get in the way of … Continued

selfie stick

How Iceland Made Me Believe in the Power of the Selfie Stick

By Steven Wright Director of Marketing at Q4Launch By nature, I am not an early adopter of anything. My tendency is to let a product or technology become more mature before I become a user. Once that happens, though, I can quickly become a product evangelist. Most notably for months I would get furious when … Continued

Automating social media

How Automating Social Media Can Save You Hours Each Day

Do you find yourself sitting at your desk for hours each day managing your social media accounts? Do you find yourself scrambling to get posts out during your optimized time window? This could all be avoided if you adopted a social media automating program to do all the posting for you. There are quite a … Continued

how to thrive in shoulder season

6 Ways to Thrive During Shoulder Season

Peak season is in the rear view mirror for many destinations around the country. However, that doesn’t mean that your business has to take a huge hit when the majority of people aren’t thinking about vacation. That’s why we’ve developed 6 ways to thrive during shoulder season. Create Experiences for Your Guests Some of these … Continued


Orchard Inn’s Success: Integrated Marketing is Built for the Long Haul

“When we purchased the Orchard Inn, our occupancy was at about 19%. We grew that 20% a year each year, but we thought that was low-hanging fruit. We anticipated that the growth would slow down this year, but we’re actually at a 35% revenue growth year-over-year. We couldn’t have achieved that without Q4Launch.” – Marc … Continued

Close up of people with contemporary mobile phones on social media sites

5 Ways to Make Your Content Go Crazy Viral

In what to some people feels like a few brief years, social media and its many variations has taken-over our society. It’s mind-blowing to think that there are people who don’t remember life before such social platforms as Facebook or its predecessors like MySpace. Now the list seems to grow yearly with new ways to … Continued