maintaining hospitality blogs are important for people in the hospitality industry

5 Hospitality Blogs to Follow This Year

One of the most important aspects of inbound marketing is maintaining a blog. It helps you create a voice or branding, for your business. It also provides fresh content to optimize your site and use on your social media pages. Blogging also builds authority for your business about a subject. For a guide to starting … Continued

Some Creative Marketing Ideas for Property Owners

Are you ready for Spring? Do you need a little help brainstorming another way to draw customers to your site and your property? We’ve got a few creative marketing ideas for property owners to start right away.  Why You Should Have Specials & Packages Creating specials and packages for guests serves a wide range of … Continued

How to Recover from a Last-Minute Cancellation

Every business in the hospitality industry remembers a time this has happened to them: a last-minute cancellation of a major reservation empties out the entire property shortly before the guests were set to arrive. In the pre-Internet days, this would have meant one thing: no business during the cancelled period, with the same overhead costs … Continued

Mobile and Meta: Hotel Trends in 2015

With the arrivals of December and January come usual articles about trends to watch out for in the coming year, particularly hotel trends in 2015. We at Q4Launch have been passing around articles from various sources from Skift to Entrepreneur magazines, and wanted to share some of the trends to watch in 2015 as it pertains to … Continued

How to Start Blogging: A Guide for Property Owners

No matter how long you’ve been in the business, we’re sure you understand the importance of marketing to help get “heads in beds”, or creating potential new customers to stay at your property. If you’ve read any of our blogs, we’re sure you also understand the importance of blogging for drawing potential customers to your … Continued

Should You Renew your TripAdvisor Subscription?

One of our customers came to us recently concerned about their upcoming subscription renewal with TripAdvisor (TA). They were asking the question based on hard numbers – do the analytics justify nearly $1000 a year for TripAdvisor advertising? After a few minutes of research in Google Analytics our answer was a no-brainer: Renew your trip … Continued

Why is SEO Important for My Lodging Business?

There’s a lot of buzz around this mysterious term SEO. If you aren’t privy to the inbound marketing business you needn’t worry yourself with digital jargon, unless of course you are a small business owner looking to use online streams to grow. If that’s the case we suggest you lean in for this one, because … Continued

How to Take Advantage of the Winter Season

Unless you run a lodging establishment in an area known for winter sports, many business owners in the hospitality industry look at the slower winter season with slight trepidation. With fewer bookings, some lodging owners use these months to enjoy some peace and quiet or to devote more attention to the guests they do host. … Continued

We Are Borderline Obsessed with Customer Service at Q4Launch

At Q4Launch, we are totally committed (and borderline obsessed!) with providing the absolute best customer experience for each of the partners that we work with. From the sales process, to the onboarding process, to the ongoing support process, each of our team members strives to give our customers a wonderful experience to go along with … Continued