Why You Should Get on Instagram NOW

It’s not only a fun way to interact with friends on a nifty app, but it has become one of the most powerful marketing tools that exists in the social media world. Instagram founders anticipated the power of photos on the web long before we started skipping over Instagram captions to get the story through … Continued

A beautiful view of Sea Rock Inn | Courtesy Jumping Rocks | Click to enlarge

Sea Rock Inn Discontinues Specials & Off-Season Rates – Want to Know Why?

Have you ever received an email that started with, “We have a problem here…?” Well, one of our customer experience managers got an email that started just like that about a month ago. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before she realized that the customer wasn’t angry. In fact, “anger” couldn’t have been further from the emotion … Continued

Make the best choice between Buuteeq and Q4Launch when planning your digital marketing

Is a Buuteeq Site Worth It?

At Q4Launch we always keep our ears tuned to the travel industry buzz. In 2015 news, we suspect that Priceline will continue expanding into all facets of the industry. It will focus especially on the marketing niche. Their acquisition of Buuteeq is their first step in this direction. Buuteeq was a small start-up based in … Continued

Part of proper SEO work is keeping track of Google algorithm changes

A Google Algorithm Change Guide for the Travel Industry

Since Google’s announcement on February 26 of 2015 of changes to its search algorithm, there has been a lot of talk in the marketing industry about these changes. The fact of the matter is that this Google algorithm change is more a response to changes in the economy. Mobile use is trending up. According to … Continued

blog sharing

Expanding Your Blog Sharing

If you’ve followed our guide on how to start blogging, as well as how to write those posts, and you’ve been sticking with it, you’ve probably seen your web traffic increase, and have even converted some of that traffic into customers. Congratulations, your blog is already a success! We’re here to give you a few … Continued

Groupon and Living Social deals could be a benefit to your business

7 Ways to Increase Revenue from your Groupon or Living Social Deal

You’ve just launched your Groupon or LivingSocial deal, or maybe you’re considering it, and you’re wondering if this is going to be profitable for you. The answer is NO, at least not without a clear strategy to turn your new guests into repeat guests and/or having a clear and rehearsed upsell plan. Statistically, the most … Continued

keeping up with google

Keeping Up With Google

Don’t be at the whim Google when it comes to your important internet presence. Instead of being burdened trying to keep up with the technical changes that affect your marketing game, why not hire a digital marketing company that knows what the giant web companies are doing? Google has created the vast majority of tools … Continued

maintaining hospitality blogs are important for people in the hospitality industry

5 Hospitality Blogs to Follow This Year

One of the most important aspects of inbound marketing is maintaining a blog. It helps you create a voice or branding, for your business. It also provides fresh content to optimize your site and use on your social media pages. Blogging also builds authority for your business about a subject. For a guide to starting … Continued

Some Creative Marketing Ideas for Property Owners

Are you ready for Spring? Do you need a little help brainstorming another way to draw customers to your site and your property? We’ve got a few creative marketing ideas for property owners to start right away.  Why You Should Have Specials & Packages Creating specials and packages for guests serves a wide range of … Continued

How to Recover from a Last-Minute Cancellation

Every business in the hospitality industry remembers a time this has happened to them: a last-minute cancellation of a major reservation empties out the entire property shortly before the guests were set to arrive. In the pre-Internet days, this would have meant one thing: no business during the cancelled period, with the same overhead costs … Continued