Why is SEO Important for My Lodging Business?

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There’s a lot of buzz around this mysterious term SEO. If you aren’t privy to the inbound marketing business you needn’t worry yourself with digital jargon, unless of course you are a small business owner looking to use online streams to grow. If that’s the case we suggest you lean in for this one, because we’ll be giving you all the answers to a question bouncing around cocktail hours – why is SEO important? Lodging and hospitality businesses – for whom we specialize in customizing inbound marketing strategies – can … Continue Reading

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How to Take Advantage of the Winter Season

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Unless you run a lodging establishment in an area known for winter sports, many business owners in the hospitality industry look at the slower winter season with slight trepidation. With fewer bookings, some lodging owners use these months to enjoy some peace and quiet or to devote more attention to the guests they do host. But for those who would prefer to keep working at full speed through the winter months, there are plenty of tasks to work on that can boost your revenue through slower seasons. We’ve put together a … Continue Reading

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We Are Borderline Obsessed with Customer Service at Q4Launch

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At Q4Launch, we are totally committed (and borderline obsessed!) with providing the absolute best customer experience for each of the partners that we work with. From the sales process, to the onboarding process, to the ongoing support process, each of our team members strives to give our customers a wonderful experience to go along with excellent results. Our integrated marketing approach has produced a 200-300% ROI time and time again by increasing traffic to our customer websites, turning that traffic into leads, and turning those leads into bookings. Regardless of the … Continue Reading

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