there is a lot of different aspects of marketing strategy to effectively manage lodge marketing

How to Market a Lodge: Strategies You Need to Know

You are the expert on your area. Maybe you’re native to your region, or moved there because of a deep-seated passion for it. In any case, you know that your property is the best place to stay. How do you prospective visitors of the same idea? It would be nice if you could just say … Continued

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How to Increase Revenue from your Groupon Deal

Perhaps you’ve just launched, or are considering launching, a Groupon deal. Naturally, you’re curious if this decision will be profitable for your business. To increase revenue from your Groupon deal, you have to have a clear marketing plan that does two things: Turns new guests into repeat customers Implements an upsell strategy Statistically, the industries … Continued

the ever-changing hospitality marketing industry needs a definitive hospitality seo guide. you're welcome.

7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Impact on Your Hospitality SEO

Hospitality professionals looking for the most bang for their buck need to focus on hospitality SEO.   I have worked both in the hospitality industry and hospitality marketing for years. And dabbling in various channels has demonstrated return both in money as well as time spent versus time receiving benefits.   The biggest problem is … Continued

TripAdvisor Business Listing Worth It

Is a TripAdvisor Business Listing Worth the Investment?

The marketing manager of a hotel found himself surrounded by piles of paper one day as he conducted a thorough investigation of his hotel’s finances. He had inherited a marketing budget and expenses but was stressed and frustrated. What opportunities were there for him to improve? In particular, was he wasting money on a TripAdvisor … Continued

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Book Direct Day: How Can You Drive More Bookings?

Leisure and business travelers all benefit from booking directly through your hotel website and they need to know it! There is a misconception that using an OTA is the best way to book a vacation, and Book Direct Day, February 6, 2019, is a great time to educate travelers about the real facts. Below are … Continued

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The Top 8 Millennial Travel Trends

The emergence of millennials forces innkeepers and hotel owners to evolve and shift their marketing strategies. Gone are the days when bed and breakfasts and boutique hotels served only as a retreat for older, married couples looking for a quiet respite. The hustle and bustle of millennial life means that young professionals are searching for … Continued

Person going over a plan for hotel rebranding

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel Rebranding Journey

Do you own a hotel and have decided it’s time to change things up? The next step you take in your hotel rebranding journey is crucial. It can make or break the future of your business! Before moving forward, make sure you have the information and tools necessary for a smooth transition. That’s where we … Continued

woman getting on plane. destination marketing

Everything You Need to Know About Destination Marketing

As the owner of a bed & breakfast, boutique hotel, or vacation rental, it’s crucial that you understand what destination marketing is. Consider how you can incorporate selling your location into your overall marketing strategy. Destination marketing serves as an action plan to promote your area and make you the local expert. It’s imperative that … Continued

How Airbnb Works for Hosts

Everything You Need to Know About How Airbnb Works for Hosts

Are you currently taking advantage of Airbnb? Have you considered it? Are you unsure about what it even is? Since its beginnings in 2008, Airbnb has made huge strides in the travel industry. Believe it or not, it might be something you decide to add to your marketing strategy. Learn all about how Airbnb works … Continued