We can help you create one-page marketing strategy for your hotel or bed and breakfast today!

How to Create a Killer One-Page Marketing Strategy for Hotels and B&Bs

Are you exhausted from searching for a one-size-fits-all marketing plan for the hotel industry? Are you finding that most of the plans out there aren’t exactly what your B&B or boutique hotel needs? If so, let us help you create a one-page marketing strategy for your hotel or bed and breakfast today. We’ve broken down the … Continued

Make the best choice between Buuteeq and Q4Launch when planning your digital marketing

BookingSuite Websites Reviews: What You Need to Know

With so many changes affecting the bed and breakfast industry, it’s hard to not feel overwhelmed.   One of the best solutions for this problem is to keep a pulse on the travel industry and plan accordingly.   For example, there’s no question Priceline will continue to expand into all facets of the industry. It … Continued

Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic

Organic Traffic vs. Paid Traffic: What’s the Scoop?

The largest factor in getting people to your website is whether search engines deem it is worthy of traffic. While this may seem a meaningless and hopeless metric, there are ways to intrigue search engine bots and gain favor in results. It all boils down to two schools of thinking; organic traffic and paid traffic. … Continued

google removed right side ads

Google Has Removed Right-Side Ads: What Does it Mean for You?

Within the last month, it has been confirmed that Google has removed ads from the right side of the search engine results page (SERP). This doesn’t mean that Google ads have been removed altogether, though, as you will still be seeing ads both above and below the organic results. So, let’s answer the question, “What … Continued

VIDEO: 5 Steps to a Better Blog

Watch and listen to Matt Bare speak about 5 steps that you can take to have a better blogging strategy and give some ideas as to how you can bring more people to your website as a result of your blogging efforts!

Brand Marketing

The Best Ways to Get Your Brand in Front of a New Audience

Growing pains are inevitable as a small business, and sometimes they demand a little something extra. There is always that point in the growth of a business when marketing becomes an immediate need. If you’re looking for a way to get your brand in front of a wider audience, there is no better platform than … Continued

SEO is Not Dead

SEO is Not Dead!

A recent SKIFT article got a lot of buzz for its debate of whether Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is indeed a dying field for the monopoly that Google holds over controlling search results. The worry for small hospitality companies is that, without the budget to compete with huge booking companies like Priceline or Expedia, there … Continued

Orchard Inn Enjoys an Amazing 35% Increase in Revenue

“When we purchased the Orchard Inn, our occupancy was at about 19%. We grew that 20% a year each year, but we thought that was low-hanging fruit. We anticipated that the growth would slow down this year, but we’re actually at a 35% revenue growth year-over-year. We couldn’t have achieved that without Q4Launch.” – Marc … Continued

Close up of people with contemporary mobile phones on social media sites

5 Ways to Make Your Content Go Crazy Viral

In what to some people feels like a few brief years, social media and its many variations has taken-over our society. It’s mind-blowing to think that there are people who don’t remember life before such social platforms as Facebook or its predecessors like MySpace. Now the list seems to grow yearly with new ways to … Continued

Part of proper SEO work is keeping track of Google algorithm changes

A Google Algorithm Change Guide for the Travel Industry

Since Google’s announcement on February 26 of 2015 of changes to its search algorithm, there has been a lot of talk in the marketing industry about these changes. The fact of the matter is that this Google algorithm change is more a response to changes in the economy. Mobile use is trending up. According to … Continued