Harris Vacation Rentals Pay-Per-Click Success Story

August 10, 2020

The Q4Launch PPC team is proud to report stellar performance by Harris Vacation Rentals over the last year – so much so that we’ve prepared this successful case study as an example of what we can do for your business as well. Beach vacation rentals are a core expertise of our agency, and we believe these numbers prove our industry-leading paid search performance as tracked by our twin success metrics: revenue and ROAS (return on ad spend).

For the purposes of this case study, we’re looking at the previous year (the 12 months from June 2019 to May 2020) compared with the same timeframe from the previous period (June 2018 to May 2019).

‘Before’ Performance

Harris Vacation Rentals of Gulf Shores, Alabama, has a strong presence in their local beach house rental market and long previous-customer list. This hard-won brand awareness, coupled with fantastic customer experiences, was strong enough to propel their PPC program to moderate ROAS success.

Between 2014 when Harris started PPC and the end of May 2019, the account averaged 400% ROAS, which is good versus other ad mediums but barely respectable for a high-performing PPC program.

‘After’ Performance

This chart shows dramatic increases in revenue and ROAS from Q4Launch paid search management.

The Google-only metrics in the following table and graph show the change before and after. These are terrific results considering the COVID-19 pandemic seriously impacted booking revenue in March and April of 2020.

Google Ads data only:



The previous year was a best-ever performance for Harris Vacation Rentals PPC. Overall consumer booking patterns by time of year are reflected in Q4 2019 revenue, breaking the ever-upward march. Q4 2019 revenue was still up 8X versus Q4 2018!

Q1 2019 also breaks the sharp upward movement of all metrics by dropping ROAS to the 1100% ballpark. During this time, our goal was to book revenue volume vs strict ROAS efficiency.

How Did We Do It?

A full account rebuild for Harris Vacation Rentals implementing our proven Q4L PPC strategies and tactics, followed by close monitoring and continuous optimization.

Q4Launch Harris Vacation Rentals PPC Program Highlights

  • New campaign structure, keywords, targeting, bidding strategies, and campaign types
  • All new ad creative with 50+ ad copy variations
  • New ad extensions, site links, structured schema, promotion, price and image extensions
  • Extensive remarketing via custom audiences and bid adjustments
    • Negative audiences to stop showing ads to users who’ve completed a transaction recently
    • Dynamic display remarketing highlighting a user’s previously viewed homes in display ads, leading to a rise in branded searches
      • Example dynamic display remarketing ads showing houses that the user previously looked at on the website
    • Seasonally adjusted budgets using previous all-channels sales performance by month to determine when PPC should have the most support. This delivers bookings that would be lost to higher-spending marketers in peak months or lost to waste/overspend in slower months
    • Relentless campaign optimization via data analysis on a weekly basis
    • Limiting branded campaign spending while also blocking words from irrelevant searches like Harris Realty from California, for example, that were previously wasting budget
    • An aggressive device, age, gender, geography and income bid adjustments, and negative adjustments
      • Keyword bid adjustments from data analysis to show more ads to the most-likely bookers, such as parents 45-54 with kids in the house and a high income
      • Time of day and day of week adjustments to match spend to the most lucrative revenue opportunity timeframes
        • For Harris Vacation Rentals, Thursdays have the potential to deliver 32% better return on ad spend vs other weekdays. Q4Launch PPC for Harris spends more on Thursdays
      • Innovative ad formats are shown below.


Harris Vacation Rentals themselves summarize the results of Q4Launch PPC management better than we ever could, saying

“We have been very impressed with Q4 Launch and the performance they have provided in our PPC campaigns. They are doing a great job maximizing our exposure and conversions in the market. I would highly recommend their PPC services.”  

– Brian Harris, President/CEO

As the Q4Launch PPC team evolves Harris Vacation Rentals’ paid search program, we’re now also supporting vacation activity bookings and new-home-listing acquisition.   The goal is to take this winning formula and supercharge it for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021.

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