social media managementWhen it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, it can quickly become overwhelming for you to consistently and effectively manage all of these efforts to achieve a certain purpose.  We can take this burden off of your organization and implement a comprehensive plan for your social media management that improves your online lead generation and helps build and grow engagement.

The Why’s and How’s of Social Media Management

If you think social media management is for the birds, you might want to take note of the fact that Facebook is on pace to hit 2 billion monthly active users in 2017, and Facebook is quickly surpassing Google and Yahoo in terms of total time spent online (HubSpot). Whether it’s traffic or politics, Twitter is becoming the go-to platform for breaking news. The point here is to “fish where the fish are”. Be relevant on social media and you’ll secure a following. When the content is really compelling it earns a like or a share, that could double your exposure. Here’s a big tip, sometimes all a post needs to perform strongly is an amazing image! If you use social media correctly, you’ll be driving traffic to your website where they can book a room or participate in your lead generation. It’s also a powerful tool for filling last-minute bookings. You’d be surprised by how many innkeepers use social media for sharing only and never link back to their own website!

We at Q4Launch understand the nuances of social media marketing, and we can help you start a dialog with your clients and prospects in a way that builds your brand, rapport, and website traffic.

We will help you share more content as well as monitor the social media activity to ensure you receive value added service.  Your social media campaigns should be about increasing sales and foot traffic, as well as creating an honest and helpful dialog to improve your customer’s experience.  If you think social media is “intern work,” then think again.  Companies who strategically engage in social media marketing see higher customer satisfaction and increased numbers of leads.  Simply updating your fan page once or twice a day is not enough.  Just like in-person networking, you need to get up, walk across the room, and introduce yourself to people.  Do not just update your page and expect people to flock to you. Would you like an evaluation of your marketing to see how well you’re performing? Claim your complementary Marketing Grader today!
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