social media managementWhen it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn, it can quickly become overwhelming for you to consistently and effectively manage all of these efforts to achieve a certain purpose.  We can take this burden off of your organization and implement a comprehensive plan for your social media management that improves your online lead generation and helps build and grow engagement.

The Why’s and How’s of Social Media Management

If you think social media management is for the birds, you might want to take note of the fact that Facebook is on pace to hit 2 billion monthly active users in 2017, and Facebook is quickly surpassing Google and Yahoo in terms of total time spent online (HubSpot). Whether it’s traffic or politics, Twitter is becoming the go-to platform for breaking news. The point here is to “fish where the fish are”. Be relevant on social media and you’ll secure a following. When the content is really compelling it earns a like or a share, that could double your exposure. Here’s a big tip, sometimes all a post needs to perform strongly is an amazing image! If you use social media correctly, you’ll be driving traffic to your website where they can book a room or participate in your lead generation. It’s also a powerful tool for filling last-minute bookings. You’d be surprised by how many innkeepers use social media for sharing only and never link back to their own website!

We at Q4Launch understand the nuances of social media marketing, and we can help you start a dialog with your clients and prospects in a way that builds your brand, rapport, and website traffic.

We will help you share more content as well as monitor the social media activity to ensure you receive value added service.  Your social media campaigns should be about increasing sales and foot traffic, as well as creating an honest and helpful dialog to improve your customer’s experience.  If you think social media is “intern work,” then think again.  Companies who strategically engage in social media marketing see higher customer satisfaction and increased numbers of leads.  Simply updating your fan page once or twice a day is not enough.  Just like in-person networking, you need to get up, walk across the room, and introduce yourself to people.  Do not just update your page and expect people to flock to you. Would you like an evaluation of your marketing to see how well you’re performing? Claim your complementary Marketing Grader today!
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Why is Social Media Important? Credibility, Loyalty & Awareness

Why is social media important to your bed and breakfast or boutique hotel? These days, it’s not enough to just have an immaculate website. There’s too much competition out there to rely on a single source of brand credibility, and let’s face it, your website probably could use a little bit of work.

Here at Q4Launch, we know that keeping a bed and breakfast website up to date is a ton of work, and we understand, but your website is just one piece of an integrated marketing strategy that is essential to the success of your business. A beautiful website is useless if potential guests aren’t visiting it. That’s where social media plays a part.

Social media helps drive traffic to your website and gets you in front of potential guests. Facebook has more than one billion monthly active users, 829 million of which are active on a daily basis. There are more than 150 million daily active users in the US and Canada alone! This means your website and that ever-important “Check Availability” button are just one click away from all those eyeballs. Your future guests are on social media, and you should be too.

Social Media Builds Credibility

Social media is an important tool to keep the information you share with potential guests up-to-date and reliable. Guests may like the history of your Inn, but they want to make sure you’re not collecting historic cobwebs in your rooms, or in your online presence. When you’re active on social media, guests can be assured that you are in the know on upcoming events, restaurant recommendations, things to do in your area and more. Guests can also find comfort in the online reviews others provide via social media. Seeing a review from someone on Facebook who stayed with you last month reassures your potential guests that your last visitor wasn’t in the era your Inn was built.

Social Media Creates Loyal Customers

Your guests are included in those 150 million who are on Facebook every day! Wouldn’t you like for them to be reminded of your area’s beautiful scenery, local events and your Inn’s luxurious décor every time they log in? The answer is YES! Every time a guest sees a post from your Inn on Facebook, you become front of mind for that guest. The guest starts thinking about how much they would love another vacation to your area and how you pampered them during their stay. When you keep these fond memories front of mind through social media, the next time your guest is ready to plan a vacation, they will think of nothing else but booking with you.

Social Media Increases Awareness

The loyal customers you’re creating on social media will also drive new customers to your Inn. When a loyal customer posts on your Facebook page, “I loved my stay at your Inn! I can’t wait to come back!” all of that person’s friends (Facebook users in the US have an average of 350 friends) can see that post. That’s 350 potential guests who, otherwise, may never have heard about your Inn. The same happens when you share an eye-catching image of a local attraction and one of your fans hits the Like button on your post. Did you know that 87% of a Facebook page’s interactions happen on photo posts? That’s a tremendous potential for word-of-mouth marketing!

There are so many reasons why social media is important to your bed and breakfast. Credibility, loyalty and awareness are just some of them. If you would like to learn more about why social media is important, and how Q4Launch can help you create an effective social media plan, click here to request a free 30-minute review of your current marketing strategy, including social media, with us!

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