Is a TripAdvisor Business Listing Worth It?

September 20, 2016

TripAdvisor Business Listing Worth It

One of our customers recently found himself surrounded by piles of paper one day as he conducted a thorough investigation of his finances.
He recently made several investments to market his B&B but was stressed and frustrated. Did he make a mistake?
In particular, did he waste his hard-earned money on a TripAdvisor subscription?
From his perspective, he had barely seen a penny in return. The sting of remorse set in as he pondered, “Is a TripAdvisor Business Listing worth it?
Sound familiar?
If you’re speculating whether a TripAdvisor Business Listing is worthwhile, our experience has led us to conclude the answer is maybe. It depends on your business and your competition.
The good news is that the B&B owner described above was actually receiving a return of nearly double what he had spent on the TripAdvisor listing.
We understand that one of the greatest challenges for any business owner is figuring out which investments will pay off in the long run. With our knowledge and experience, we can answer questions you have about various strategies, including “Is a TripAdvisor Business Listing Worth it?”

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What Makes a TripAdvisor Business Listing Worth It?

As we mentioned earlier, the listing is often worth the investment. TripAdvisor is the largest source of direct booking on the Internet, and millions of travelers visit the website daily for recommendations. That being said, knowing whether you’re enjoying a good return on investment from your TripAdvisor business listing depends on analyzing your data.

Accommodations all over the world, including yours, can use the immense popularity of the travel site to your advantage through a TripAdvisor Business Listing. This powerful marketing tool not only builds trust between you and your guests, it makes it easier for them to book with you directly. When travelers from all over the world search for places to stay in your town or city, they’ll see your listing. Some of those people will follow a link to your website, which is another step closer to your ultimate goal of getting them to book.

In addition, TripAdvisor is one of the most well-known travel-focused directory websites in the world. If your competitors are listed on TripAdvisor and you’re not, you risk potential guests not even knowing you exist when they’re ready to book! Making sure you’re present everyone online your target demographics are located is one of the most important aspects we highlight in our hospitality SEO guide.

3 Fantastic Benefits of a TripAdvisor Business Listing

If a potential guest is interested in visiting your location, you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to get their attention. Here are the exclusive benefits for TripAdvisor subscribers that help you gain that attention and keep it!TripAdvisor Business Listing Worth It

1. Drive Direct Booking Referrals

With this perk, travelers have the option to book your accommodation through TripAdvisor or use the click-to-call function on the mobile app. All you have to do is publish your contact details on TripAdvisor, and watch the bookings roll in!

2. Increased Online Presence

This handy feature places you another step ahead of your competition! Create customized special offers for TripAdvisor shoppers, display your gallery of photos in a well-designed slideshow, announce important news or updates, and much more.

3. Transform Data into Action

You will be able to see for yourself how well your business is performing compared to your competitors. That way, you can make better decisions on your marketing strategy based on data and drive more revenue towards your business.

TripAdvisor Business Listing Review from One of Our Clients

A customer of ours once came to us concerned about whether they should renew their existing subscription with TripAdvisor. At the time, the customer was paying the current TripAdvisor business listing cost of $1,000 a year and wondered if such a hefty price was even worth it. Of course, we took to Google Analytics to find his answer, and these were the results we discovered:

  • The B&B owner received 688 referrals through TripAdvisor, a 47.6% increase from the previous year.
  • Of the 688 referrals, 8 converted into online bookings. This may not sound like much, but these guests contributed $3,539 in revenue for our customer.
  • This customer has a 50/50 online/phone booking ratio. We assume that ratio holds true here so there were actually 16 converted bookings. (8/50%= 16)
  • Overall, the bed and breakfast earned over $5,000 in profit with a TripAdvisor Business Listing. Since the online travel community only continues to grow, there is a chance you could benefit from this worthwhile investment, too.

How to Calculate ROI and See if a TripAdvisor Business Listing is Worth It for You

TripAdvisor Business Listing Worth ItIf you’re still not convinced that a TripAdvisor Business Listing is worth it, there is a simple formula you can use to determine your approximate return on investment (ROI). Divide the price of your subscription by the total number of clicks your website has received from your TripAdvisor Business Listing. You can easily find this information on Google Analytics. Normally, you want to see an average of $2 per click from a source of usually high-quality traffic like TripAdvisor.

How to Optimize Your TripAdvisor Business Listing

The first question you may be asking yourself is, “How to list my business on TripAdvisor?” But be aware, simply listing the name and location of your business is not enough for a magnetizing TripAdvisor page. To receive more traffic, and more bang for your buck, it is important to optimize your listing for the best possible results. First, you really need to understand how to create a page on TripAdvisor. Here are just a few examples that will help you get started:

Write a Detailed Description

According to TripAdvisor, 92% of travelers chose an accommodation that listed a detailed description of the property. This goes to show that the more information you reveal on your page, the more likely a visitor is to book with you. Avoid copy that sounds like a sales pitch or commonplace ad copy. Focus on things that separate you from your competition and your property’s key features instead.

Upload Your Best Photos

We live in a society with a very visually-driven audience, and uploading photos cater exactly what your future guests want to see. Add quality images to your page that encompass the essence of your accommodation and highlight what makes it unique.

Keep Your Information Up-to-Date

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be amazed how many TripAdvisor Business Listings contain outdated or incorrect information. If that’s not enough to convince you, Review Trackers estimated a total of $10.3 billion in sales is lost due to inaccurate data. Double check to ensure your phone number, address, and other important information is listed correctly.

For more information on optimizing your TripAdvisor Business Listing, Search Engine Journal provides great advice.TripAdvisor Business Listing Worth It

Always Run a Special Offer

Special offers help your business listing get extra attention with the Special Offer icon. As such we recommend always having a special offer running, even if it’s not that special. If the point is to get attention, maybe you have a standard offer of Complimentary Gourmet Breakfast that is always running, and you swap it for something more aggressive by season. You could also use it to feature a package and price it together as a special offer.

TripAdvisor Business Listing Rates

How much does a TripAdvisor Business Listing cost? It depends. A flat annual fee will be calculated based on your property and your needs. It’s important to determine if this investment will fit into your budget, so log in to review your TripAdvisor Business Listing and subscription rate.

When is a TripAdvisor Business Listing Not Worth It?

Contrary to our belief that a TripAdvisor Business Listing is a great marketing tool, we must also point out that it is not for everyone. In fact, there are certain circumstances in which we do not recommend that you renew your subscription. We will illustrate a perfect example using another experience from one of our hotel customers.

Recently, she had approached us with a unique situation towards her subscription. After analyzing traffic from TripAdvisor compared to her annual subscription rate, we determined she was spending $6 per click. While her inn was ranking highly, there wasn’t as much competition in her area on TripAdvisor as she originally believed. As such, despite a high ranking (which, with low competition in the area, meant her property would do without a paid subscription anyway), the number of visitors from TripAdvisor to her site just didn’t justify the cost of a subscription.

Ultimately, we advised against her continuing with the subscription. If you also end up paying a high cost-per-click rate, experience a low ROI, and hardly have any competition, a TripAdvisor Business Listing may not be worth it.

How to Cancel Your TripAdvisor Business Listing

If you decide this feature isn’t right for you, you can always cancel. If you unsubscribe within the first 14 days, you will receive a full refund. Within the first 30 days, customers who cancel will get a prorated refund, and so on. Check TripAdvisor’s Business Listings Terms and Conditions for more information about cancellations and refunds.


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Find Out if Your TripAdvisor Business Listing is Worth It Now!

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