We love a good design, but beautiful hotel website design with no visitors isn’t going to be an effective business tool. Fortunately, generating high-quality traffic is something we do very well.

Small hotels need to market themselves on the web to ensure that customers that want the unique experience of staying on their property find them and book before they’re snatched up by competitors. Other businesses competing for your potential guests include the local chain hotels or the OTAs (online travel agents).

Fortunately, niche boutique and luxury hotels have plenty of marketing advantages over those bigger, national, hotel brands. For example, decision-makers are closer to the ground, so they can hear and respond faster to changes in the local market. Being so close to guests permits small hotels to offer new services or experiences to their offerings based on customer feedback without having to check with the home office.

With fewer hoops to jump through, online marketing for boutique hotels is simple as you can implement the most creative digital marketing and service ideas months before the competition – whether that’s implementing cutting edge email marketing campaigns, aggressive promotions or just changing up your overall online presence.

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The Q4Launch luxury and boutique hotel internet marketing services program consists of:


Our team has a talented staff of SEO professionals to help your website maximize its ability to be found in search results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing whether people are searching on a computer or mobile device. We follow best practice “white hat” SEO principles for key components of search engine optimization including:

  • Meta data
  • Body copy and site content
  • Technical SEO
  • Local factors including Google My Business
  • Citations and backlinking

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Our content development team performs the research to figure out what content people are looking for and then posts weekly so your website is full of fresh, quality content.


If you have an existing email marketing list for your email newsletter, great. Our team will implement a hotel email marketing strategy unique to you and work to grow it even further and maximize its ability to convert. No list? No problem. Our team will help you build a program to generate a targeted list that will complement the rest of our hotel marketing services.


Hotel social media marketing is the new form of customer service. While great exposure on social media will not guarantee a potential guest will stay, poor exposure and negative reviews can guarantee that they won’t.

Social media is the ideal way to expose the unique experience of staying on your property to potential new customers on their terms.

Our team will also manage a social media marketing campaign to help build your brand and grow engagement with your target audience.


Our lead generation program is based on the concept of turning as many anonymous website visitors into real names and email addresses that you can effectively market to.


PPC is an effective tool to acquire last-minute bookings from potential guests who do not yet know your brand. But effective PPC for hotel management cannot be a last-minute effort!

Successful boutique and luxury hotel marketing depends on strong communication

We also believe that accountability and communication are two huge factors in a successful partnership. Every boutique hotel marketing plan that we create has a built-in communication cadence so that you’re never left out in the dark. All of our customers receive a monthly Partnership Impact Review that shares all the results we’ve helped generate – from traffic to leads to revenue. We also present our customers with quarterly strategy calendars that lay out our entire plan for the upcoming quarter.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Feel free to click below on one of our customer success blogs we’ve written and get a feel for what our customers like about working with us as a hotel internet marketing company.

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