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You can get 10 times more 5-Star Reviews from your guests when you request a rating via TEXT! The set-up is easy. The response rate is very strong. Get started with our hospitality review management in just minutes!
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Guest receives and opens a Text Message

Guest gives your property a rating

1-3 Stars: They are guided to a feedback form

4-5 Stars: They’re invited to leave a review on the site of their choice

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Simply upload the image you want to use, your property information and links to the online review sites where you participate.

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Input guest names and mobile phone numbers. You can do this one at a time, or upload multiple guests with a CSV file.

Monitor Engagement

Step 4:

See how many of your guests open the text.

Step 5:

Track which guest leaves a review and know which online platform they choose!

Step 6:

For reviews that earn 3 stars or less, carefully consider their feedback.

Enjoy the Results

Step 1

Watch the reviews roll in across all online platforms.

Step 2

Respond to the reviews with a personal note of thanks or an offer to call the guest for any negative reviews.

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You’ll enjoy how quick and easy this hospitality review management solution is to use. It elegantly automates the process of encouraging more 5 Star Reviews. Sign up now!

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“I love the app from both the inn and guest perspective and find it easier to use than TripAdvisor’s review request system. In fact, we are planning to forgo using it and focusing on the 5 Star Review App  exclusively. I’m specifically excited about the fact we can reach guests on their phone with a personal text message as opposed to a TripAdvisor-branded set of emails.”
-Marie, Presidents’ Quarters Inn