SEO Checker is keeping track of Google algorithm changesContent is king when it comes to great SEO (search engine optimization). Through all of the changes Google has made over the years, the one constant is that great content is always rewarded. We invite you to claim your free SEO Checker by completing the form below.

SEO is a big idea to understand and there are a lot of elements that contribute to how well your SEO is working. Every page on your website should be serving a focused long-tail keyword. The collective purpose is to rank as close to number one on page one of a Google search for the keywords you select. If your property is in upstate New York, you might want to be found for  the following keyword: Pocanos Hotels, which enjoys 14,800 average monthly search traffic. If you aren’t optimizing your site for keywords like this, you are missing out on all that search traffic.

We want you to have great content! It’s an art and a science to write for a human while also being effective for the latest Google algorithm. Our philosophy is to write first for humans and optimize for Google second. Investing time and money into generating content and optimizing it for SEO is a big commitment. It’s an investment that pays off in a huge way. Embracing this concept will deliver more and more organic traffic. Why is organic traffic good? Because these are visitors who have never heard of you before and now they are considering you for their vacation plans. How? A blog post about “Great Weekend Getaways Less than 3 hours from New York City” could bring you visitors who never once considered vacationing in the Pocanos!

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