Five-Part Series

As 2020 comes to a close, we launched a CUSTOMER ONLY series of strategic planning sessions. These sessions are specifically tailored to help you grow your business in 2021 in new ways, and hear from some of our customers we see driving great success in these areas. The first half of the session is a 15-30 minute interview-style format followed by a 30-minute roundtable discussion where we asked our customer/expert for their insight and tips on the topic.

Presented by

Steven Wright, Director of Sales


  1. Revenue Management & Pricing Strategy
  2. Going From Working In Your Business to On Your Business
  3. How to Remodel or Redecorate to Increase Revenue
  4. How to Add Revenue Streams
  5. Owning Your Financials & Increasing Your Profit Margins


Revenue Management & Pricing Strategy

Description: In this episode, Fred Anderson from the Ashbrooke Hotel shares how to develop a revenue management strategy and how a proper pricing strategy can lead to increased profit margins for your hotel, inn, or bed & breakfast.


Going From Working In Your Business to On Your Business

Description: Ellen Grinsfelder of Innward Consulting joins us as she shares how to transition from the day to day of working in your business to working on growing your hotel/inn/B&B's revenue.


How to Remodel or Redecorate to Increase Revenue

Description: Mark Osborn and Buzz Makarewicz of the Topside Inn join us to discuss how to strategically remodel and redecorate your hotel or inn to increase revenue.


How to Add Revenue Streams

Description: In this episode, Zac Loomis of the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls walks us through how to spot new revenue opportunities for your property and how to increase cash flow for your property.


Owning Your Financials & Increasing Profit Margin

Description: Eben Viens of the Inn Partners joins us to discuss how to increase your inn's value and maximize your business finances to increase your profit margins!

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