5 Tips to Improve Your Bed and Breakfast Marketing and Branding Strategy

November 2, 2020

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re struggling with marketing for your small business. Let’s say you own a top-notch bed and breakfast. Your current guests love your accommodations and return year after year. However, word of mouth can only go so far when it comes to target marketing new prospective guests. That’s where digital marketing comes into play. We want to teach you our five best tips for improving your bed and breakfast marketing and branding strategy. 

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How to Improve Your Bed and Breakfast Marketing and Branding Strategy 

1. Know the Area 

This is at the forefront of your bed and breakfast marketing strategy. If you own an inn, then chances are high that you will be an expert in your city. What are the favorite things to do in the area? What is the area famous for? Are there annual festivals or events that prospective guests would be interested in attending? Is your area practicing strict social distancing guidelines? Once you know your target audience, market the attractions that would interest those travelers. 

2. Optimize the Website with SEO and Professional Photography 

Keep in mind that when you optimize your site, it will be for visitors first and search engines second. A website that is only optimized for search engines will most likely be unappealing to your visitors. Search engine optimization can certainly get people to your site, but your website needs to be visually appealing and useful in order to get bookings. 

Showing off your B&B with beautiful photos is essential for getting bookings. Choose high-quality photos that display the details and amenities that people are looking for. Use photos with ample lighting and flattering angles to show off how spacious and appealing your accommodations are. We recommend hiring a professional photographer to really help capture the essence of your bed and breakfast. 

You should also make sure to use popular keywords that people are searching for, but only if they are relevant to you and your business. Then, make sure everything on the site is running properly and linked correctly for the best user experience. 

3. Create Helpful Blog Content 

One of the most important pieces of your bed and breakfast marketing plan is your blogging strategy. You will need to know what people are looking to do in the area of your bed and breakfast so you can write content that appeals to them. Find out what visitors want answers to, and then write excellent, relevant content that not only answers their questions but also makes them want to share what you wrote. Then when they ask their questions to Google, your content will draw them to your website. 

4. Use Social Media Marketing for Your Bed and Breakfast 

Facebook has more than one billion users. In other words, it’s important to stay consistently active while incorporating user-generated content into your strategy.  Facebook and Pinterest, are visual social media channelsThink about it. You’re more likely to stop scrolling and look at a post if it includes interesting photos or videos, rather than a large chunk of text. 

As social media marketers, we believe it’s best to make your content unique to your page. For example, posting a video directly to Facebook instead of just pasting a YouTube link will generate more engagement. That’s because social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram want you to stay on their site as long as possible, rather than wander off to other parts of the web. So, by making social media users stay on their apps longer, the algorithm will naturally push your post to the top of feeds. 

5. Use Email Marketing to Keep Guests Returning 

VR, B&B, and hotel marketing through email is an effective way to keep guests updated on any deals you might offer, or to just remind them that they need a vacation. Create subject lines that lure readers in and fill the email with useful content that encourages your guests to book another stay. This can include packages, deals, informational blogs, and property features. 

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