We Are Borderline Obsessed with Customer Service at Q4Launch

November 24, 2014
customer service
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At Q4Launch, we are totally committed (and borderline obsessed!) with providing the absolute best customer experience for each of the partners that we work with. From the sales process, to the onboarding process, to the ongoing support process, each of our team members strives to give our customers a wonderful experience to go along with excellent results.

Our integrated marketing approach has produced a 200-300% ROI time and time again by increasing traffic to our customer websites, turning that traffic into leads, and turning those leads into bookings. Regardless of the results, though, we wouldn’t have seen rapid customer growth without providing a great customer experience. It is the overall experience and partnership that makes existing customers want to continue the relationship and then refer us to others.

Below are some testimonials from a few of our current customers.

“Working with the whole team, but especially Beth, has been a great pleasure. Her hands on approach, immediate responses, and willingness to be creative and adaptive has been an enormous asset. Service is their middle name. We had a lot of issues with our email account when we first made the transition, and they worked at unconventional hours to ensure we would be back on track as soon as humanly possible.”
– Eiran Gazit (Innkeeper | Gateways Inn)

“It took us 10 years to find Q4Launch, but we finally found them. It’s so refreshing to work with a company who brings fresh, creative ideas to the table, has a plan and system to implement, and then chases you down to share the results with actual return on investment.”
– Brande Brock (Marketing Director | Seaside Vacations)

“With no hesitation, the best part about working with Q4Launch has been Matt, Beth, and the entire team that makes Q4 so successful. No challenge is too large for them, and their kindness all around is what sets them apart from most businesses.”
– Andrea Smith (Innkeeper | Chatham Gables Inn)

If you’d like to hear more about the customer experience that we can provide, in addition to the results that we produce, then all you have to do is email Matt Bare at matt@q4launch.com. You can also click the button below to request a free, 30-minute marketing consultation.

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