How to Design a Killer Website

August 14, 2015

At Q4Launch we have long prided ourselves on stellar web design skills, both for the functionality and style of the sites we’ve been privileged to build for our customers. (If you want to learn more, check out our hotel website design services and bed and breakfast website design pages). Recently our owner, Matt Bare, hosted a webinar in which he provided insight into what it takes to design a killer website. In the process, he got to show off a project that we are particularly proud of with our partners at Finesse Collection.

Here are some tips on how to design a killer website, and don’t forget to check out the entire webinar below!

Mind over Matterdesign a killer website

  1. It’s important when you design a killer website to make it beautiful, sleek, and sexy. While looks are important, what is far more crucial is its functionality.
  2. Have a pretty home page, yes, but consider the fact that people will be entering your site on other pages, and they need to be pretty too!
  3. Plan your navigation menu carefully to ensure getting around is as easy as possible, and that you are highlighting the most visited pages.
  4. Use Google Analytics to figure out what your most frequent landing pages a killer website

Content, Content, Content

Content marketing is a crucial aspect to strategize around when you design a killer website.

  1. Find a great Content Management System, like WordPress, that makes editing and adding content easy.
  2. Have a blog that is integrated into your website. Your blog should be delivering 10-20% of your website traffic.
  3. Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the success of your content!

It’s all About Lead Generationdesign a killer website

When you design a killer website, your number one goal should be to generate leads and get yourself more business!

  1. Display strong Calls to Action throughout your website that invite visitors to be customers.
  2. Make sure that your Contact Us page is easy to find and intuitive so that potential customers can get in touch with questions.
  3. Mobile friendly design is crucial! The percentage of your customers using their mobile devices will only continue to grow, and if your website is hard to use on their phones and tablets, you could lose their a killer website

If you are wondering whether you need a new website to ensure that you are getting leads off the web, request our free 21 Point Website Inspection. We will be happy to help you discover where your website is working, and where it could use improvement!

Now, check out what our brilliant owner, Matt Bare has to say about designing killer robots…I mean websites.