Details About TripConnect

March 12, 2014

TripConnect has been available for a few months now, but there have been recent questions about it; therefore, we decided to take a closer look at this service and answer some of the common questions from our Innkeepers.

What exactly is TripConnect?

If you are familiar with Google’s Adwords or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, TripAdvisor’s TripConnect is their version of PPC. Hospitality services, such as bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and inns can bid directly in auctions to drive traffic from TripAdvisor to their own websites. The bidding places your website, known as the “Official Site” or your Inn name at the top of the booking results shown to the right of each property. When a visitor clicks on your link they are directed to your bookings page where they can book directly through you and not a fee based OTA (online travel agency).

TripConnectHow can TripConnect help me?

With TripConnect, you finally have the opportunity to outbid top tier OTA’s that would normally receive top rank listings. If your Inn is listed on TripAdvisor Business Listings you have access to TripConnect. You are bidding for traffic that is in the booking phase of the vacation process. If traffic books directly through you and not an OTA, you are not paying the OTA fees they request for bookings as previously mentioned above.

What’s the cost of TripConnect?

Like Google’s Adwords pay-per-click, you have control on the amount you want to spend on bidding. The theory is that the more you spend, the better your chance to outbid the competition.

Should I try TripConnect?

This is a question only you can answer. From a marketing perspective, it doesn’t hurt trying something new, but you want to track your results. If the data supports a positive return, then test another cycle. If you didn’t see any benefits from the trial at least you tried and learned that it doesn’t work with your business model.

Please Note: Q4Launch is not a partner of TripAdvisor or TripConnect. We were asked about TripConnect from a few Innkeepers; therefore, we did a little research and provided our thoughts.